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Barbie in A Christmas Carol Review – Suitable for All Ages

Barbie in a Christmas Carol is a delightful retelling of the classic Charles Dickens’ story. This 2008 animated film, directed by William Lau, places Barbie in the role of Eden Starling, a glamorous yet self-centered singing diva in Victorian England. Through her transformation, the film conveys powerful messages about kindness, generosity, and the true spirit of Christmas.

The narrative begins on Christmas Eve when Barbie recounts the tale of Eden to her young friend Kelly, who is hesitant to attend a festive ball. As the story unfolds, viewers are treated to beautiful renditions of cherished Christmas carols and stunning visuals reflecting the Victorian era’s charm. Eden’s journey from a self-absorbed star to a compassionate individual mirrors the classic arc of redemption found in Dickens’ original work.

For those looking to experience a heartwarming holiday film, this adaptation blends the magic of Barbie with timeless holiday themes.

IMDb Rating 6.3/10


Background on Barbie in A Christmas Carol

Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a 2008 animated Christmas film directed by William Lau and written by Elise Allen. The film is produced by Rainmaker Entertainment.

This movie is the 14th installment in the Barbie series and brings a unique twist to Charles Dickens’ classic tale.

Barbie portrays Eden Starling, a self-centered opera singer who resents Christmas. Throughout the movie, Eden undergoes a transformation, learning the true meaning of the holiday.

It premiered on November 1, 2008, through a limited theatrical release by Kidtoon Films and was subsequently released on DVD three days later. The film later premiered on British and Irish television channels, including Nick Jr., on December 23, 2011.

Key Details:

  • Director: William Lau
  • Writer: Elise Allen
  • Production Company: Rainmaker Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Limited theatrical release on November 1, 2008, DVD release on November 4, 2008
  • Television Premiere: Nick Jr. UK on December 23, 2011

The movie is lauded for its heartwarming adaptation of the Dickens story, incorporating cherished Christmas carols and Barbie’s signature style.

It stands out for its vibrant animation and engaging narrative, capturing the spirit of Christmas while staying true to the original material.

Plot Summary

In Barbie in a Christmas Carol, Barbie takes on the role of narrator, using the timeless Dickens tale to teach a lesson about selflessness and compassion. She tells the story of Eden Starling, a Victorian-era diva whose journey brings about personal transformation.

Main Characters

  • Eden Starling is the central figure, a talented but self-centered singer who believes in prioritizing her success above all. Her character undergoes significant development, shifting from selfishness to empathy.
  • Barbie narrates the story to her little sister Kelly, who is reluctant to attend a Christmas Eve ball. Barbie uses Eden’s tale to illustrate the importance of generosity and caring for others.
  • Kelly is a young girl who feels conflicted about the spirit of Christmas. Through Barbie’s storytelling, she learns valuable life lessons.
  • Madame Natasha plays a role akin to the Ghost of Christmas Past, guiding Eden through memories that reveal her past mistakes.

Story Arcs

The narrative begins with Barbie and Kelly preparing for Christmas Eve. Kelly’s reluctance to join the festivities sets the stage for Barbie to start Eden’s story.

Eden’s arc opens with her as a successful singer and theatre owner. Her mantra, “In a selfish world, the selfish succeed,” showcases her initial mindset. She mistreats her employees, insisting they work during Christmas.

Eden’s transformation begins when spirits representing Christmas Past, Present, and Future visit her. These encounters make her realize the impact of her actions on others. Through them, Eden confronts her loneliness and the joy she can bring through kindness.

In the climax, Eden wakes up on Christmas morning, a changed woman. She makes amends by offering her staff time off and organizing a Christmas celebration, spreading newfound cheer and generosity.

Production and Release

Barbie in A Christmas Carol was directed by William Lau and written by Elise Allen. The film was produced by Mattel Entertainment in partnership with Rainmaker Entertainment. It brought together a team experienced in animation and storytelling to adapt the classic Charles Dickens tale for a younger audience.

The film features Kelly Sheridan as the voice of Barbie, along with Morwenna Banks, Melissa Lyons, and Prudence Edwards. They provided voice acting that brought the characters to life, adding unique touches to this holiday classic.

Barbie in A Christmas Carol had a limited theatrical release by Kidtoon Films on November 1, 2008. Just three days later, it was released on DVD on November 4, 2008. The limited cinema release allowed the film’s audience to experience it on the big screen.

Later, the film made its television premiere on Nick Jr. UK on December 23, 2011. This ensured that it reached a wider audience, especially in the UK and Ireland. The film has since become a staple in holiday movie collections.

The movie’s success is attributed to its high-quality animation and engaging adaptation, combining the magic of Barbie with the timeless tale of A Christmas Carol.

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Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Critical Reception and Legacy

Barbie in a Christmas Carol garnered diverse reactions from audiences and critics. It has influenced both traditional holiday narratives and the Barbie brand’s reach.

Initial Reception

Upon its release, Barbie in a Christmas Carol had a mixed reception. Critics appreciated the heart-warming adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story. They particularly noted the film’s ability to capture the essence of the original while making it accessible to young viewers.

However, some reviewers pointed out that the film’s modern twist, including vibrant animation and Barbie’s glamorous persona, detracted from the traditional Dickensian charm.

Cultural Impact

The film left a notable imprint on holiday entertainment and the Barbie franchise. As an animated Christmas movie, it brought Barbie into the realm of classic holiday stories, diversifying her typically fashion and adventure-related roles.

Barbie in a Christmas Carol not only captivated a younger audience but also served as a nostalgic piece for older fans familiar with Dickens’ work. Its premiere on Nick Jr. and subsequent DVD release ensured its place in holiday movie line-ups. This adaptation demonstrated Barbie’s versatility as a character, able to navigate different genres and stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main characters in the animated movie Barbie in a Christmas Carol?

The main characters include Eden Starling, a glamorous singing diva, played by Barbie. Kelly also appears, reluctant to attend a Christmas Eve ball. Eden is accompanied by her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit.

Is Barbie in a Christmas Carol available to stream on Netflix?

As of now, Barbie in a Christmas Carol is not listed on Netflix. Streaming availability can change, so it is recommended to check Netflix’s current catalog for updates.

Where can I find Barbie in a Christmas Carol on DVD?

The DVD for Barbie in a Christmas Carol, produced by Rainmaker Entertainment, was originally released three days after its theatrical debut. It is available through major online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Who voices the character of Eden Starling in Barbie in a Christmas Carol?

Eden Starling, the main character in Barbie in a Christmas Carol, is voiced by acclaimed voice actress Kelly Sheridan.

Can Barbie in a Christmas Carol be watched on Amazon Prime?

The movie is available for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime. This provides an easy option for viewers who prefer streaming services.

What is the story inspiration behind Barbie in a Christmas Carol?

Barbie in a Christmas Carol is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol.” The movie follows Barbie as Eden Starling, a diva in Victorian England, who learns the true spirit of Christmas.

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