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How to get Great New Music Delivered to you daily for Free - and it’s Legal!

Kevin Perry
If you’re like me, you probably have already given up on commercial FM music stations and instead joined the Ipod revolution. The problem with this is that it does not matter if your music library has 5000, 10000 or even 30000 thousand songs in it, if you listen to it long enough it will begin to get repetitive and you will begin to crave new music. So how do you find new music, sure you could read the music reviews, or follow the iTunes suggestions, but these can be time consuming and often misleading. So why not follow the method I have been using lately. There are a number of Podcasts that deliver DRM free music to subscribers on a daily basis. Two of my favourites are:- Triple J - New Music Podcast KCRW's Today's Top Tune These two Podcasts are created by radio stations that take new music very seriously. The files are in the MP3 format. And all have a BitRate of at least 125kps. If you know of any other Music Podcasts, feel free to suggest them to me. Once you have started receiving music via these services the next tip is to move the music from your iTunes Podcast library to your iTunes Music library. This has taken quite a bit of research on my part but I have discovered a method to do this my modifying the files ID3 tags. It sounds complicated but it’s not really. mp3tag - Univeral Tag Editor is a great free program for doing this. 1. Locate the mp3 file or files you want to modify using “File – Add Directory”. 2. Highlight the file or files and right click on them 3. Select the “Extended Tags” option 4. Under Metadata you will see “ITUNESPODCAST=1” 5. Highlight this and delete it, you will be left with “ITUNESPODCAST=blank” 6. Make any other changes to the Artist and Song name tags that you feel appropriate. 7. Save your changes, the MP3 file is now ready to be added to your iTunes Music Library. If you have any feedback on this method please leave me a comment.