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Whole House FM Transmitter -Gold Edition - Review

Kevin Perry

Whole House FM Transmitter

I discovered the Whole House FM Transmitter about six months ago and have been highly impressed by its performance. If you own an Ipod, you probably have tried the standard fm transmitters that are available, I have tried a few of them and been disappointed by there lack of performance. This is much better, It's like operating your own personal FM Radio Station 24/7 you now control what you want to hear when you want to hear it. I found that the Whole House FM Transmitter had the power to broadcast right around my neighbourhood. I connect the Transmitter to my laptop and use it to broadcast audio web streams listen throughout my home and backyard. The Stereo FM Transmitter Has 4 Way Power -- With the Whole House FM Transmitter's ability to be powered four (4) different ways, it makes it one of the most convenient and easy to use Stereo FM Transmitter systems on the market. The four (4) ways it can be powered are: 1) High Quality 120V AC Power Adapter (standard wall plug) 2) USB Power Adapter (for your computer) 3) Internal Battery Compartment (takes 3 "AA" Batteries) 4)12V Mobile Power Adapter (for your vehicle while on the road). Please click on this link if you are interested in purchasing the Whole House FM Transmitter