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Viewer Shock as Ben evicted from Big Brother #BBAU

NewsKevin Perry
 Big Brother - Ben

Big Brother - Ben

In a surprising move, 32-year-old former flight attendant from Brisbane Ben was evicted from the Big Brother House. As revealed by Sonia on stage, there were more votes to save this week than in any other eviction this year.  The results were:

Ben                 16.2%

Ed                   16.9%

Drew               17.0%

Tim                 17.8%

Tahan             32.1%

Likened by fans on twitter as the “Ricki-Lee moment” of Big Brother, Ben’s eviction created shock waves as fans voiced their opinions on social media throughout the night.

Leaving the devastated Housemates behind, Ben said, “I met Bert and Patti, and I met all of you.”

Walking on to the stage to a standing ovation by a sell-out crowd at the Dreamworld studio, Ben took his time to thank the audience as he made his way to Sonia.  He said, “this experience has been one of the most momentous life changing experiences of my life.”

When asked by Sonia about twitter gossip claiming Ben was an actor, he said, “I’m just Ben from Brisbane.  I used to be a flight attendant.  That’s it.”

Describing his complicated relationship with Tim, Ben said, “I think Tim’s hard to like but he’s also hard to dislike as well.  He does it on purpose to protect himself from getting close to other people… he’s such a pain and he does press your buttons.”

On discovering that he was nominated by friends Jade and Drew for strategic reasons, Ben said, “The smiling assassins!  I’m surprised by that.”


When asked by Big Brother his thoughts on Tahan, Ben said, “If the world were coming to an end, three things would survive: Cher, cockroaches and Tahan.”

BIG BROTHER LIVE NOMINATIONS will be on tonight and Madaline and Boog will have to face their very first time nominating and being nominated. Tune in to see who is nominated, and as winner of this week’s showdown what will Mikkayla’s super power be?