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Search For The Ultimate Man, Maximus Academy

SportKevin Perry

FOX SPORTS will follow the journey of eight every day Australians as they battle their way in the boxing ring on the quest for greatness in Maximus Academy, an inspiring new series premiering on October 31.

Be your best. Then beat your best. That is the war cry for eight contenders of vastly different ages and backgrounds as they tackle the challenges of boxing, fitness, and mental and physical endurance in the ultimate test of man in the Maximus Academy.

FOX SPORTS is set to unleash the stirring new reality series where each contender, none of whom are professional fighters, will push themselves to the limit, and then beyond, over six action-packed weeks.

Maximus Academy is not just about the fight, it is about encouraging men to become greater men. Beyond boxing, the Academy will test the strength of character of each contender.

Challengers will be asked to ‘Go Hard’ when they’re exhausted, ‘Bring it On’ when their body is in agony and ‘Suck it up’ when they are broken down. They’ll be forced to get to know their fellow contenders. Learn to respect them but never under-estimate them.

During the first four weeks the contenders are put through a series of ‘man tests’ which require them to use judgement, co-ordination, mechanical and problem- solving skills.

Six contenders will be eliminated over the first six episodes before the final two contenders battle it out over the final two weeks, culminating in a head-to-head finale in the boxing ring to settle the ultimate champion.

Maximus Academy will premiere on Thursday, October 31, at 7.30pm AEDT on FOX SPORTS 3HD & FOX SPORTS 3 and each additional 30-minute episode in the series will screen on each of the following five Thursday nights as a lead in to FOX SPORTS’ Big Time Boxing coverage.

The series will be hosted by former professional weightlifter and presenter Anna McNanamay, and will also air on FUEL TV from November 2.