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Intruder Nathan walks out of Big Brother #BBAU

NewsKevin Perry

For the first time in Big Brother history, a Housemate has decided to leave the House in order to save another.  Having been in the House for almost two weeks, ex-Intruder Nathan a 35-year-old Melbourne based, Graphic Designer and Trivia Host, has revealed to Big Brother that,

"I have done as much as I can do here".

This is also the first time in Australian Big Brother history that a Housemate has left the House on their own accord without circumstances on the outside world playing factor.

By 7 votes to 1, the Housemates had chosen Madaline as their preferred Housemate.  However, with the decision ultimately given to Australia in a free Jump-in poll last week, the preferred Intruder to remain was Boog (55%) over Madaline (45%).

With all Housemates still gathered in the Lounge Room, Big Brother announced, “Before we go any further, earlier one Housemate had come to the Diary Room.  Big Brother feels you need to hear what they wanted to say.

Housemates were then shown a video of Nathan in the Diary Room saying, 

"My idea was, I go and they [Madaline and Boog] both get to stay. Because I think the Housemates are happier here with them than me.”