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Open Letter from Wake Up EP Adam Boland

Kevin Perry
 Adam Boland

Adam Boland

After a challenging week the Executive Producer of Ten’s new breakfast program Wake Up Adam Boland released a personal statement over the weekend.

Boland was forced to take indefinite stress leave last week after collapsing on Tuesday evening. He has previously spoken publicly about living with bipolar disorder.


Thank you everyone for the very kind messages of support. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to them personally. I haven’t had much access to my phone (with good reason).
I’m very humbled by the number of messages from people outside of Ten, especially from many former colleagues (and continuing friends) at Seven. It means a great deal to me.
It’s fair to say I am embarrassed that my mind wasn’t able to sustain some heightening pressures. It surrendered late on Tuesday night. The people around me did more than they know. My subsequent treatment was confronting and sometimes scary. We really do need to do more on the mental health front but I will save that rant for another time.
I hate the timing of my breakdown. I hate it especially because of the extra burden it’s placed on those around me. In particular, I want to thank Robert McKnight. He’s a true friend.
I have been asked to spend a further week away from emails and phone contact. So, I’m heading to a place without much of both to spend some time with my mum in Vanuatu.
Rest assured I am fine and on the path back. I will never walk away from a challenge and once my mind is again at full strength, I will be back at work. That’s a place I love. The support from my bosses there this week has only strengthened my commitment.
On a personal level, I want to thank both Kenny and Julian. Their love has ensured I have never felt alone.
Thanks again and I hope to catch up with you in person very soon.