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The Dancefloor Becomes Tina's Arena #DancingAU

NewsKevin Perry


Dancing with the Stars’ semi finalists decided, after Steve falls off the hook.

The final five couples found themselves in a ballroom battle, topped and tailed with perfect performances. Tina Arena’s Jive and Rhiannon Fish’s Samba both received optimal scores. The pressure was on for all contestants who were required to perform two full routines, only 48 hours after their last show.

Tina Arena and Damian opened the show with a stellar Jive. Judges scored them a perfect 40 and the audience rose to a standing ovation. Todd showered praise “it was great, I loved it, I loved it!”  Kym added “it was incredible! The Jive is a killer dance to do and you made it look effortless and easy.” Helen joked “if I knew you could use your legs like that we would have entered you in the Cup last week and you would have won.”

Tina’s second performance sealed the deal. Helen exclaimed “style and class never go out of fashion. You’ve gone from a brilliant Jive to a sensational slow Foxtrot, congratulations!” Adam noted “apparently 24 hours means nothing because you’re giving everyone a master class in how to handle pressure and how to dance, that was amazing!”

Steve Hooker and Ash-Leigh’s Tango followed Tina’s unbeatable act. Adam said “there were a few wobbles. I think if you’re going to compete with Tina you’re going to have to put your foot to the floor.” Their Cha Cha was an improvement, but it wasn’t enough to save Steve from elimination tonight. “I have had such an incredible time. I have done some things I didn’t think I would do and I loved every second of it” said Steve, before shining the light on his charity, UNICEF Australia and urging people to donate “especially now with everything happening in the Philippines, they’re doing an incredible job, even though you’re not voting for me, clearly, throw some donations their way.”

Four time Olympian, Libby Trickett, spoke of the benefits of being a fish out of water after her Samba with Carmelo: “in swimming we never got to hear the crowd, so to actually be able to feed off the energy of the audience is awesome”. Despite the crowd’s enthusiasm though, the judges expected more. Helen said “you do give everything your best shot but it was a little under par tonight.  Adam elaborated “ you had the soft and sexy part down, but I wanted more explosiveness. I wanted that sass you brought us when you were Crystal!” Todd was more blunt “ that number just didn’t take off. It didn’t go anywhere.”  Their second dance, the Tango, faired marginally better for them. Adam said “it’s not your greatest night tonight and that could be bad thing”. Helen consoled “that was a better effort.”

Cosentino and Jess had the crowd on their feet for their stunning Foxtrot. Adam said “I really enjoyed it. It was pretty darn great.” Helen recognised “I think you made an absolutely huge breakthrough tonight. The control you showed tonight was so different to last week. Congratulations!” Their Foxtrot was a crowd pleaser but only impressed Todd on the judging panel. Todd said “I really liked it. I don’t want to like it, I wish I didn’t like it – I enjoy not liking you, I’ll say it – but unfortunately, I did.”

Rhiannon Fish and Aric’s Quickstep was beautiful. Kym said “you are so good and you just proved that with that performance. You were flying around that floor with such speed but you had such control.” Helen said “the music, the dance, and you two were the perfect match tonight.” Adam said “the point of this competition is to win and I assume you want to win and that’s the way you win.” Their Samba received unanimous 10’s from the judges and closed the show on a high. Kym said “you are on fire tonight. That performance is something we could see in the grand final.”

Also tonight, Australian musical royalty – and series six Dancing with the Stars winner - Kate Ceberano performed a track from her original album, Kensal Road. Kate said “for the record, Dancing with the Stars changed my whole career as an artist.”

Next week’s semi final will see the top four couples perform two routines each – including Hip Hop and Disco, for the first time on Dancing with the Stars. UK singer Birdy will also perform live in the studio.

Dancing With The Stars will continue on Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Seven.

Judges scores:

Tina Arena &  Damian Whitewood                    40 + 38 = 78     

Rhiannon Fish & Aric Yegudkin                       36 + 40 = 76

Cosentino & Jessica Raffa                               35 + 32 = 67

Steve Hooker & Ash-Leigh Hunter                   29 + 31  = 60

Libby Trickett  & Carmelo Pizzino                   24 + 28 = 52