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A Wall Of Information In Homeland by @NikoleGunn

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Homeland S3 Ep 8: A Red Wheelbarrow

By Nikole Gunn

OK.  That was a bit intense.  Things are getting complicated on Homeland and we all might need one of Carrie’s “walls of information” to make sense of what the hell is going on.

Episode 8 was a game changer and much of it revolved around the machinations of Saul Berenson.  He could very well be the master manipulator, but will he get caught in a web of his own making?

The episode opens with Saul and Mira playing happy families again, while Carrie and Quinn go through the files, looking for the Langley bomber.  Mira meets her lover, Alain, to call things off and later he’s seen planting a listening device in their home. 

See what I mean about complicated?  Information overload!

During a briefing with the Whitehouse Chief of Staff, Saul again out manoeuvres his soon to be boss, Senator Lockhart.  He lays it on the line. He’s looking for regime change in Iran and the newly turned Javadi is his weapon of choice.

It all sets the scene for Phase 2 of “the plan”.  Saul’s up to something and Carrie doesn’t have a clue.  In fact, he says as much to Dar Adal.  Carrie can’t catch wind of “it”.  What ever “it” may be.

Hang on a minute. For all that she’s done and sacrificed, Saul is keeping secrets from Carrie. He says he owes her, as they all do; yet he’s not telling her everything. 

Given that Carrie is key to his Javadi plan, it’s clear Saul has something else in mind.  What’s the sneaky bugger up to?

In the meantime, Dar Adal meets with Leland Bennett – Javadi’s former lawyer, who we’ve been told, knows the identity of the Langley bomber.  The meeting is designed to flush out the bomber and it brings results.

It had the desired effect.  Bennett’s associate Franklin makes contact and asks Carrie to find out why the CIA is sniffing around and why is it investigating Bennett.

Carrie comes back with the false information that the firm has been linked to the bomber and an arrest warrant is about to be issued for Bennett’s arrest, setting in motion a chain of events that is the hallmark of Homeland.

But in the meantime, Carrie finally goes to see a doctor about her ‘condition’.  An ultrasound confirms what dozens of home pregnancy tests have told her. We find out she’s 13 weeks along and she tells the doctor that she’s been under pressure at work, but what she’s been doing has ‘everything to do with the father’.

Now, we know she’s working to clear Brody and she seemingly confirms that he’s the father.  But is he?  Does 13 weeks fit in the time line? Or is she trying to convince herself that its Brody’s baby?  So many questions, so few answers.

Carrie’s need to be vindicated in her faith in Brody makes things very complicated.  She’s reckless and it very nearly blows the mission.

The CIA is monitoring Bennett and Franklin and its clear they’re up to their necks in it.  Franklin is dispatched to get the bomber out of the country.  Carrie, Quinn and Adal are listening and watching as Franklin makes contact.  He’s got a gun and a silencer.  It’s clear that he’ll be dealing with the bomber permanently.

Carrie ignores Adal’s order not to interfere.  If the bomber’s murdered, then so be it.  But he’s the key to clearing Brody and she ignores the order to ‘stand down’.

Then Quinn shoots her.  Pop! She’s down. He warned her and he shot her. He could have killed her, but he didn’t.

The bomber is dealt with by Franklin.  And as Carrie is raced to hospital in the back of the CIA surveillance van, instead of saying “I’m pregnant, save my baby” she demands to know where’s Saul.  Where is he?

And we cut away to Saul being driven to a partially built tower block and there’s Spider tattoo man, ushering Saul in.  He opens a door to discover Brody, lying in his own filth.

 End credits roll.

Hang on. Hang on.  What just happened? How did Saul know where Brody was being held?  How long did he know?  Why has he kept it from Carrie?  Has she been a pawn in his game all along?

This, my friends, is classic Homeland. The plots are a jumble of tangled theories and conspiracies, with suspense and the seemingly mundane woven through.

And we only have three more episodes to see how they manage to untie the knots

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