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Video - Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Read Final Breaking Bad Script For First Time

NewsKevin Perry

A video has emerged from the bonus features included in the Breaking Bad complete series box set where Bryan and Aaron read through the final episode of Breaking Bad for the first time.

The pair convened in March at Cranston’s place in Albuquerque, ordered some Greek take-out, cracked open a few beers and tackled the “Felina” script for the first time, dividing up the roles between them.

“When we got to the final page, it was just… Usually at the end of an episode, it says, ‘End of episode,’ but Bryan read, ‘End of series.’ And that was it. We sat there and just kind of looked at each other, not knowing what to say. But I could tell both of us were just so…so happy.” said Aaron Paul

Brian Cranston recalled“ It was a moment of silence, like, wowww. We were just quiet for a while, realising that was the last time we were ever going to read a Breaking Bad script. And then we looked at each other. There are people that you work with and you hope you would stay in touch with, and I know I’ll be a friend of Aaron’s forever.”

Source - Entertainment Weekly