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Matt Moran's New Cooking Show Part Of A Big Week on @Foxtel

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Sanjay and Craig, Season 1 – Nickelodeon, weekdays 7.30am
Awesome new cartoon series for adults and kids alike. A boy and his reptilian friend get up to more weird and wacky adventures.

Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals, Season 1 – LifeStyle Food, 7pm
How to cook chilli con carne meatballs, sticky kicking chicken and other treats in just a quarter of an hour.

The Story of Film (special) – World Movies, 7.30pm 
Sure, we watch a lot of it, but how many of us know the history of the film industry and the most important works ever made?

Deadliest Journeys, Season 3 – Nat Geo Adventure, 7.30pm
Season premiere of the series depicting brave folk risking life and limb in the search of adventure.

Gypsy Child Traffickers (special) – Bio, 8.30pm
A chilling investigation into the trafficking and exploitation of children by Romanian Gypsy gangs across Europe.

Escape to the Country, Season 20 – LifeStyle, 9.30pm
Return of the series where families seeking to get away from city living search for the perfect country home.

Brother vs Brother, Season 1 - LifeStyle Home, 9.30pm
Following their hit show My Dream Home, contractor Jonathan competes with his real estate agent brother Drew to see whose team can do the smartest – and most value-enhancing – home renos.

American Blackout (special) – National Geographic, 9.30pm
How would you survive if all the power went out? You’ll be glued to your seat as Americans struggle to survive after a massive and long-lasting power outage caused by cyber terrorism.

Jessie, new episodes – Disney Channel, 5pm
Show Me, Show Me, Season 4 - CBeebies, 10.35am
Sarah & Duck, new episodes – CBeebies, 4.20pm weekdays
Chloe’s Closet, Season 2 – Disney Jnr, 9.45am weekdays
Hi5 House, Season 1 – Nick Jnr, 9.30am weekdays
New episodes of kids favourites



Photofinish, Season 1 – Studio, 7.30pm
Amateur photographers compete in themed photographic challenges. In tonight’s premiere, three photographers snap famous Australians.

World’s Weirdest Taboos, Season 1 – Nat Geo Wild, 7.30pm
Discover how inebriated elephants can go on a drunken rampage and how soused honeybees are thrown out of their hives as animal intoxication is explored in Happy Hour.

Heroes of War, Season 1 – History Channel, 7.30pm
Set in Poland, this new series uncovers tales of heroism and sacrifice from unsung heroes of World War II.

Alien Encounters, Season 2 – Discovery Science, 7.30pm
The aliens have arrived – now a swarm of spacecraft deposit thousands of mysterious pods on the earth’s surface. A Space Month premiere.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 4 – Arena, 8.30pm
Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda, Kim and Kyle welcome new housewives Carlton and Joyce into their social circle.

Vanderpump Rules, Season 2 – Arena, 9.30pm
Lisa Vanderpump struggles to keep the unpredictable staff of SUR in line as they cater a Beverly Hills party for Kyle Richards in the premiere.

The First 48, Season 15 – Crime, 8.30pm
Follow homicide detectives as they race against time to solve their cases in the first 48 hours – after which their chances of success are cut in half.

Stella, Season 2 – UKTV, 9.30pm
40-something mum Stella (Ruth Jones) juggles family life amid the chaos of her eccentric friends and relatives.

Half Built House, Season 1 – Lifestyle Home, 9.30pm
The team is called in to fix a period cottage that proved too big a DIY job for the owners.

Life At… 7 (two-part series) – Bio, 7.30pm
For the first time in the Life Series, we hear from the children themselves about how they see their lives in their ever-expanding world.



Man of Steel – Foxtel on Demand
See why Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill made almost $700 million worldwide.

All Things Paper, Season 1 – Studio, 7pm
Paper maestros from around the world redefine the use of the humble sheet of paper.

Anatomy Season 1 – Studio, 7.30pm
Tattoo artist Ex De Medici considers bequeathing his tattooed skin as an artwork when he dies in this series about art, sex, identity and the human body.

My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita, Season 1 – Nat Geo Adventure, 8.30pm
The famed Aussie chef uses his grandmother’s recipes as a guide to explore his ancestral homeland.

Diggers, Season 2 – National Geographic, 7.30pm
KG and Ringy search for “nuclear nectar” at the site of an accidental US Air Force bombing in South Carolina.

The Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars (special) – History Channel, 7.30pm
Come explore the ghost tunnels of World War I and learn about the men who risked death by bullet, explosion and poison gas buiding them.

Deadliest Catch: Behind the Scenes, Season 9 – Discovery, 9.30pm
See how the crew of Deadliest Catch repeatedly face danger to film the hit TV show.

 Matt Moran

Matt Moran

Paddock to Plate, Season 1 – LifeStyle Channel, 8.30pm
Celebrity chef Moran takes us on a tour of Australian home-grown food treasures in his exclusive new cooking series. Tonight he visits Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

U-Boat Wars: The Killer Wolf Packs (special) – History, 10.30pm
Germany’s U-Boats brought Britain to the brink of starvation and surrender during WWII.

Crimewave Film Festival – TCM, Wednesdays 8.30pm (The Big Doll House 10:05pm)
Crime never pays, except in movies. Deceptive dames, gangsters, double crosses and frame jobs. It’s all here in these classics:

  • Key Largo (1948)
  • The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
  • Code 7, Victim 5 (1964)
  • The Big Doll House (1971)
  • Bannerline (1951)
  • Guns Don’t Argue (1957)

WM Mindbenders: Weird and wonderful films – World Movies, Wednesdays 8.30pm
Take a trip to fantasia as World Movies presents a selection of weird and wonderful films that boggle the mind.

  • Painted Skin: The Resurrection
  • Holy Motors
  • We Are The Night
  • The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, Season 1 Part 2 – Comedy Channel, 9.30pm
From executive producer Chris Rock, stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell dissects topics from politics to pop culture through commentary and sketch comedy.



Touching the Dragon (special) – Nat Geo Wild, 7pm
Roger Horrocks investigates stories of men “calling” wild crocodiles out of the river … and of a crocodile shaman who can ride on the back of a giant crocodile without being eaten.

Disney Cruise Line: Behind The Magic (special) – TLC, 7.30pm
Meet the masterminds who orchestrate magical vacations and get a behind-the-scenes look at the line’s operations and design.

Inside the Milky Way (special) – Discovery Science, 7.30pm
Astronomers find new and exciting ways to view the colossal community of stars known as the Milky Way. A Space Month special.

Storage Wars: Canada, Season 1 – A&E, 7.30pm
It’s Northern Lights, Northern Fights as high-stakes buyers bid against one another for secret treasure at storage auctions across Canada.

Storage Wars: Texas, Season 5 – A&E , Thursdays at 8.00pm
Everythgin is bigger in texas, including the units, bankrolls and buyers.

Secret Eaters, Season 2 – LifeStyle YOU, 8.30pm
Ray and Ange are convinced they eat healthily … but Ray’s infamous “pie butty” and belly-buster breakfasts suggest otherwise.

James Ellroy’s LA: City of Demons, Season 1 – Bio, 8.30pm
The bestselling author of LA Confidential examines some of Hollywood’s most notorious crimes.

Deon Cole’s Black Box, Season 1 – Comedy, 9.30pm
The writer/comedian of Conan fame gives his entertaining take on outrageous video clips.

Las Vegas Jailhouse – CI Network, 10pm
A one-woman wet T-shirt contest leads a former prostitute back to the street to make some quick money for a friend’s birthday party.

Rad Retro Thursdays – Comedy Movies, Thursdays at 8.30pm
Relive some comedy faves

  • The Concierge
  • The ‘Burbs
  • This Is Spinal Tap
  • Repossessed

The 47th CMA Awards (LIVE) – CMC, midday (encore 7pm)
Country music’s biggest night of the year express from Nashville, featuring Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert.



Beautiful Noise, Season 1 – Studio, 7.30pm
See top pop acts, indie greats and international star play at Toronto’s amazing Berkeley Church. Tonight it’s The Stills.

Aliens: Are We Alone? (special) – 7.30pm, Discovery Science
Learn how scientists and the world have grappled with the question ever since the first reported UFO sightings. A Space Month special.

The V Festival – Channel [V], 8pm
Beyonce, Kings Of Leon, Stereophonics, the Script, Calvin Harris and more take over this British festival.

Secret Policeman’s Ball 2012 – Comedy Channel, 9.30pm
Russell Brand, Ben Stiller and Coldplay and more pay tribute to 50 years of Amnesty International.

Robin Williams Comedy Triple – Comedy Movies from 6.40pm

  • The Big White
  • Man Of The Year
  • The World According To Garp

Top 200 Songs of the 80s - MTV Classic from 4pm
The 200 tunes that made the 80’s a decade to remember.



The Golden Age of Steam Railways (part one) – History, 4.30pm
The story of how a band of visionaries and volunteers rescued some of the narrow-gauge railways that made Britain an industrial powerhouse.

Copper, Season 2 – FX, 6.30pm
Detective Kevin “Corky” Corcoran chases a murderous career criminal in New York in the 1860s as the city is torn apart by violence, corruption and war hysteria.

Brazil with Michael Palin, Season 1 – BBC Knowledge, 8.30pm
The former Python explores Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world and home to almost 200 million people.

Deadliest Space Weather, Season 1 – Discovery Science, 7.30pm
Venus may have once looked like Earth – now it’s a nightmare of greenhouse gases and acid rains. Scientists reveal what happened to its climate. A Space Month series.



Rugby Tests – Fox Sports

  • Italy v Australia (live), 12.45am 
  • England v Argentina (delay), 3am
  • Wales v South Africa (live), 4.30am 
  • France v New Zealand (live), 7am
  • Scotland v Japan (delay), 9am
  • Ireland v Samoa, 10am

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 6 – Arena, 8.30pm
NeNe, Kandi, Porsha, Kenya, Cynthia and Phaedra return to juggle families, careers and social calendars in the season premiere.

Arnie Weekend – Action/Adventure Movies
More Arnold than you can swing a sword at.

  • Conan the Barbarian – 2.45pm
  • Conan the Destroyer – 5pm
  • Red Sonja – 6.50pm
  • Raw Deal – 8.30pm

Wingsuit Daredevil (special) – Nat Geo, 9.30pm

Wingsuit pioneers Jeb Corliss and Iiro Seppanen fly through a gigantic mountain cave called Heaven’s Gate.