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The Feed. Special Week of Drug Focussed Stories

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Starts Monday November 4, 7.30pm on SBS 2

Pets on Prozac, people addicted to partaking in medical trials, MDMA being used to treat sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Narconovellas the South American soap operas that glorify the world of drug cartels; The Feed is set to prescribe and enlighten audiences with a whole week of drug focussed reports and features on SBS 2.

Narconovellas: The  Feed takes a look at South American soap operas that glorify the world of drug cartels.  These programs have millions of viewers in several countries. Some say they promote crime others say it is just compelling TV.

War on Drugs: Since the war on drugs was declared more than 40 years ago governments around the world have spent billions of dollars fighting it. Presenter Andy Park looks at why thewar isn’t being won.

Pets on Prozac: Is your Maltese melancholic? Is your Dalmatian depressed? Well they could have an undiagnosed mental illness.  Like Zac, a cocker spaniel who has been taking Prozac to treat his anxiety.  Presenter Jeannette Francis meets with Vet Dr Gabriel Carter who says that animals can suffer the same depressive illnesses that people do.

Serial Guinea Piggers: Presenter Patrick Abboud takes a look at the practice of “guinea pigging” – people who are paid to be in medical trials to test out drugs that are not yet on themarket.

Illegal Magazine: In Denmark a Big Issue style Magazine has just launched for junkies to sell to support their habit. The new magazine, “Illegall” is on sale on the streets of Copenhagen and its vendor’s are drug addicts. The man behind the magazine says it gives addicts an alternate way to make money and means they are less likely to turn to crime or prostitution. Andy Park follows the roll out of the first edition of Illegal.

MDMA to treat PTSD: Rachel has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder for most of her adult life, she had been abused as a child and struggled to cope with everyday life. She had tried many treatments but nothing worked. In the mid-2000s she signed up to take part in a scientific trial were patients were given MDMA (what many people would know as ecstasy) to treat PTSD. The treatment worked and she says it has changed her life. Now there is a push to get MDMA for PTSD trials here in Australia.

The Pill – The Feed takes a look at the history of what many would say is the most revolutionary drug of the last 100 years.

DMT – The Feed investigates the fascinating psychedelic drug that occurs naturally in humans, and why so little is known about it. 

Screening weeknights on SBS 2 at 7.30pmThe Feed serves up the latest news, technology and culture.