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Tina Tops the Leaderboard and Jesinta Leaves the Dancefloor

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 Jesinta Campbell   

Jesinta Campbell


With only 48 hours to prepare one routine fusing two dance styles and face off in an all-in marathon dance, nerves were high for competitors and Jesinta crumpled under the pressure.

Tina Arena took the lead tonight after winning the gruelling marathon dance and receiving the highest score for her Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot fusion which thrilled the judges. “Oh my gosh I loved it, it was so good! You guys are the ones to beat” exclaimed Kym.  Helen agreed “it was musical, artistic and absolutely brilliant. I absolutely loved it.” Adam said “that was oh so showbiz. I’m still smiling, Tina, that was utterly enchanting.”

After one of the busiest weeks of her professional life Jesinta Campbell and Jarryd finished their dancing journey with a Samba and Foxtrot fusion which disappointed judges; “Tonight, that just wasn’t up to scratch” said Helen. Adam concurred “you bit off more that you could chew”. Todd said “you didn’t pull it off”.

On leaving Jesinta paid tribute to her chosen charity, Reach. “It’s been such an incredible experience. The whole reason I came on this show is to raise money and profile for the charity I support, Reach, and they encourage all young children no matter their circumstances to believe they can achieve. That’s what I’m here for, to get that message out and I feel we achieved that.”

Libby Trickett jumped for joy after nailing her Paso and Cha Cha fusion with Carmelo. “I didn’t forget any steps!” she exclaimed. After wowing the judges only 48 hours earlier, Helen said “Libby, you are the biggest improver.”  Adam commended their effort “you’ve become a real dancer on this show – that’s an amazing accomplishment. I very much enjoyed that’, but Todd questioned whether their dance was within the rules “I thought it was a really great theatrical event but we’re asking you to do 50 percent and 50 percent and there was a lot there that was just freestyle. To be fair to everybody else, I have to mark you accordingly.” Todd marked them 4, while the remaining judges scored them 8 each.

Zac Stenmark  and Jade did their best to lift from the bottom of the leader board with a Foxtrot and Rumba fusion, but it fell flat. “The good news is that it was seamless, but both dances were just a bit boring” said Todd.  Kym consoled “It’s an improvement on last week.”

Cosentino and Jess earnt a standing ovation from the crowd for their Tango and Cha Cha. Kym said “you always come out and perform, you put on a show and that’s why everyone here loves you.” Helen said “you’re on the right track.” Todd remained positive “it was still relaxed which is what I’ve been asking you to do. The crowd love you, I don’t know whether I would have stood up but you can’t argue with that because there is something great about your dancing.”

Rhiannon Fish and Aric – who have topped the leader board four times so far in this competition - impressed the judges and audience again with their fun Foxtrot and Rumba fusion. Kym said “Rhiannon you are Queen of getting into character and telling a story with your dance. I just loved it; you’re making me love you more and more each week.” Todd agreed “it was great! You two have danced at a high level from episode one. I want to see you here every week”.

Pop princess Havana Brown rocked the house performing her brand new single Warrior.

Billed as the dance to stop the nation, the marathon dance medley saw contestants face off for four minutes to a Blues Brothers compilation. The dance had to include; swing, twist and jive dance moves. Tina Arena and Damian were awarded an additional 10 points after winning the challenge, closely followed by Rhiannon Fish and Steve Hooker.

The remaining six couples will return for the second and final special Sunday night show at 6.30pm on Sunday November 10. X Factor 2013 winner Dami Im will perform her debut single Alive which is currently top of the ARIA single charts and UK sensation Olly Murs will also perform.

Dancing With The Stars will continue on Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Seven.

Judges scores:

Tina Arena &  Damian Whitewood     38 + 10                48

Rhiannon Fish & Aric Yegudkin        37 +  9                46       

Cosentino & Jessica Raffa                32 +  6                  38        

Libby Trickett  & Carmelo Pizzino    28 +  7                  35        

Steve Hooker & Ash-Leigh Hunter   26 +  8                   34                                              

Zac Stenmark & Jade Hatcher          27 +  4                  31                                        

Jesinta Campbell & Jarryd Bryne     26 +  5                  31