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Miracle At Sea and Keith Urban, This Weekend On 60 Minutes

NewsKevin Perry

7.30pm, Sunday December 15 on Channel Nine 

Miracle at Sea

For decades we have listened to people’s stories and this is among the most riveting we've ever heard.  Brett Archibald, a 50 year old South African, on a surfing trip to Indonesia, falls overboard in the middle of the night. One man, all alone in the ocean fighting the elements, fending off sharks and battling to keep his sanity. He hopes he'll be rescued, however after 29 hours treading water most people have given up on him. But not his wife holding a candle light vigil in Capetown, nor a legendary Australian sea salt named Doris.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Nick Greenaway

Urban Myth


From the age of six, Keith Urban wanted to be a country music star but it still took 20 years for the kid from Caboolture to crack the big time. There were many speed bumps along the way: drugs, alcohol and a whole lot of rejection. Then everything started to click for Keith - hit singles, marriage to Nicole Kidman and kids. But it wasn't until his appearance on The Voice that we Aussies really began to know - and like - Keith Urban. Despite all this time in the public spotlight, he's still an enigma. So when Tara Brown caught up him with on tour in America, she was happily surprised to find a man ready to let his guard down.

Reporter: Tara Brown                     

Producer: Stephen Rice

Bon Voyage

In 1977, NASA launched the two Voyager space probes from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Their mission was supposed to last for 5 years and take them on a journey to explore Jupiter and Saturn. They kept going past Uranus and Neptune and continued onwards, away from the Sun. 36 years later, Voyager 1 is now 18 billion kilometres from Earth. It’s by far the furthest a manmade object has ever travelled. In fact, some scientists believe Voyager 1 is now entering interstellar space, where the influence of the Milky Way takes over from the Sun’s gravitational pull. Ray Martin was at Cape Canaveral when the Voyager probes were first launched and he’s just been back to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see how they’re travelling!

Reporter: Ray Martin

Producer: Stephen Taylor