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Exclusive - Recap Homeland S03E01 'Tin Man Is Down'

RecapKevin Perry
 Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes and Damien Lewis return in Season 3 of Homeland

Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes and Damien Lewis return in Season 3 of Homeland

Season 3 Premieres 8.30pm, Monday, September 30 on Network Ten

While Season 3 of the highly anticipated, multi-award winning blockbuster Homeland will soon be back on Australian TV Screens, the first episode of the new season has already leaked online and Nelbie's secret reviewer has taken the opportunity to take a look, WARNING the following contains plenty of Spoilers!

Just before the release of Homeland season three which is set to air on the 29th September 2013, episode one which has a tagline “Tin Man Is Down” is the eagerly awaited of the episodes therein. The major cast members in this 3rd season are Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes), Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin).

As the season 3 starts, the first episode displays occasions of the senate hearings where Carrie does her best to defend her lover gone fugitive Brody by trying to shed a light on what really happened on the day the CIA headquarters were bombed. She is set to prove the innocence of Brody since she has a deep desire to see truth and justice prevail. In Brody’s defense, she argues out that former had no idea that a bomb had been hidden under his car, yet the video footage caught Brody communicating with unidentified man and gave him a key.

In this 1st episode of season three, Brody is still a fugitive since he is the most wanted criminal in the world and while on the run, he misses his family and the moments they had. In this season too, it is clear that Brody will be about making contact with Carrie to figure out who the mole is in order to clear his name and reunite with his family although Mike is the barrier in this instance having an involvement with Jessica (Moren Baccarin) who Brody earlier on broke up with. According to the writers, Saul on the other hand is on the verge of seeking the CIA mole which gives many possibilities of David or Max being the mole. Events further that he (Saul) might actually be the mole.

Unlike the season 2 and its past episodes that tell much of Brody’s story, the 3rd season sets out to tell the stories of Carrie and Saul who are thus the centre of narration and while Brody is still on the run. Carrie, who is the protagonist of Homeland, will stay longer on the show together with Saul who is directing the whole show and steering it towards numerous revelations.

Brody, the writers indicate might be set for demise since the writers have considered killing him off which was depicted in season 2, but decided to keep him alive for his continual role in season 3. This might also be impossible since he is one of the highest rated actors. The massive manhunt for Brody is still on and since he has gone missing, everyone believes he is still alive and true to these assumptions, Brody is still alive and will appear again in the 3rd season.

It seems Carrie had a hand in Brody’s disappearance since she also went missing for some time and reappeared after approximately 12 hours. Saul seems to be covering for her and also believes that Brody was set up but the scenes indicate that Brody had an involvement with the Islamic terrorists.

Although Saul is heard saying that he won’t throw Carrie under the bus, he eventually throws her under the bus and Dar Adal appears to be the mastermind behind Carries’ demise. Saul portrays a good guy but might be a whole pretender since he attends the burial of Abu which raises eyebrows as to why he had to do that if he had no involvement with the terrorists. Conversely, it might just be because he wanted to pay his last respects or make sure Abu was really dead.

Brody will miss a couple of the first episodes in the 3rd season since his story has been well portrayed in the 2nd season and this has been backed up by the writers who confirmed that he will miss the first two episodes in season 3.

Future episodes of the 3rd season show Brody with a clean shaved head and living in a foreign country speculated as Venezuela. Brody’s family which includes his wife Jessica (Moren Baccarin), his son Chris (Jackson Pace) and daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) are heavily featured.