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Recap of #BreakingBad Finale S05E16 'Felina'

RecapKevin Perry
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Well its come to this after 5 Seasons of gripping drama, Vince Gilligan's masterpiece Breaking Bad has come to an end. Did the finale live up to the hype? Are you happy to say goodbye? We asked Simeon to take a detailed look back over the final episode.


Yes, it is over. Even for people like me, who believed to the end that it may just be one big conspiracy, the episode finale of Breaking Bad was aired. S05E15, with the name Felina, was one of the best episodes I have ever watched. But before giving you my opinion on it, let me first provide you with the opportunity to draw your own conclusions. So this is how it went.

The beginning of the end features Walt stealing a car covered with snow. He can’t find the keys so he is trying to find a way to go when a police car goes by. The scene is intense, but Walt manages to keep calm and then finds the keys. He turns the engine on and we hear Marty Robins’ song ‘El Paso’, in which he sings about a girl named Felina and his obsession with her. Very thematic, indeed.

The next action of Walt is to find where Elliot and Gretchen are. So he stops to refill with gas at some place with no snow and calls in the organization, pretending to be a New York Times journalist. Thus he manages to find out both their address and schedule.

Next we see Elliot and Gretchen going back home. Walt is waiting them there. They are talking to each other while going in and he follows them. He tells them he has something to give them and with their help brings in about $9 million (in cash, of course). After that he tells them that he wants them to create a trust for his children after he dies and that it won’t be strange because they are into charity and are just trying to help those innocent people who have been affected by Walt. Elliot promises that they will do it. But Walter is ready to deal with fraud and makes a gesture with his hand, which makes 2 laser beams come from the window and aim at Elliot and Gretchen. Walt explains that he has paid $200,000 to assassins that will take care of them if they don’t do what he tells them.

Walt then goes to pick up Skinny Pete and Badger – the guys have been using ordinary lasers to create the beams, pretending to be weapons. Walt asks for details about the blue meth he heard about in the previous episode from the interview and it appears that the two guys think Walt has been cooking it. However, Walt realizes that it’s Jesse’s job.

Then we see a daydreaming Jesse – he sees himself in some studio working on a wooden box. He is, however, still with his chains and he is preparing the next production for Jack and his gang.

Then we see a familiar scene – Walter goes to the diner, collects the weapon, then goes home and takes the Ricin.

Another scene – Lynda is with Todd in the cafeteria. Suddenly, in walks Walt. He explains that he has found out where they are because he had met with Lydia here at this time previously. Then he offers them to give them a new recipe for meth in exchange of $1 million and adds that their production must be finishing. He tells them that keeping out of the way of the police has cost him everything and he has almost nothing now. Lydia suggests that they discuss the offer with Jack and Walt promises to come later in the evening. Lydia agrees. However, she is only pretending – when Walt disappears, she tells Todd that he must be taken care of.

Then we see Walt again, he is in the desert and he is working on some kind of weapon – some mechanism that would fire a gun automatically. The trigger is connected to his car chain and can be activated with one of the buttons.

Then we see Marie calling Skyler. She tells her that Walt has returned and there is evidence – his car has been seen and a neighbor has reported meeting him. The police are observing the house and trying to provide some protection for Marie, Walter Jr. and Skyler. They end the conversation and Walt is there – in Skyler’s kitchen. He gives her a lottery ticket with the exact location where Gomez and Hank are buried. In Walt’s opinion this information will help her make a deal with the prosecutors. Then he admits that everything he has done was because of himself, because he had liked it and he had been good at it. Walter then asks Skyler to show him Holy for the last time and, at last, waits hidden to see his son coming home.

The end is near. Walt drives to the locations of the gang. Kenny then joins him in the car and together they go to the clubhouse. Walt parks the car, but not according to the instructions of Todd. They frisk him and take his keys and his wallet. They go inside, where Jack instantly orders to go out and kill Walt. While going out Walt mentions that Jack and Jesse are working together, although it is known that Jack has killed Jesse. Jack sends for Jesse and promises to kill Walt personally after seeing him. Jesse comes in his chains and in Walt seizes an opportunity and gets his keys from the pool table nearby. He pushes Jesse on the ground, pretending to fight him and then pushes the button. The trunk of the car opens and the automatic gun starts shooting, killing everyone except Jesse, Jack, Todd and Walt. Jesse finishes Todd by choking him with his chains, while Walt deals with Jack, who is wounded. Walt gives Jesse a gun and asks him to kill him. He is shot in the stomach. Jesse refuses and tells him to do it himself.

Todd’s phone rings. Walt answers it and it is Lydia, sounding ill. Walt tells her that he has poisoned her by adding Ricin to her sweetener.    

Jesse dries out, free and happy at last. Walt goes to Jesse’s former working place and looks around. Then he places his hand at one of the tanks. The police are near. Walter falls on the ground dead – that’s how they find him when entering.

That’s it! A true masterpiece it was, at least for me. I expected some of the things that I saw, but I never expected to see everything made with such a precision and the best part is that the whole episode was focused on Walt – everything that happened was because of him and everyone received what he deserved. Specifically, I am very glad that Walt himself killed Jack and that Lydia had her Ricin revenge. Todd, who was becoming a real pain in the ass, found his death from the hands of Jesse, the hypocrites Elliot and Gretchen were put into place and Walter Jr. and Holly will get the money. This is the perfect end – taking care of everyone and everything and leaving nothing unsettled.

I am extremely sorry that ‘Breaking Bad’ is over, although the end was so perfect. It was something like a tradition for me – 5 seasons, every week, one amazing episode. Sometimes I was happy with what the guys there did, sometimes I was angry – but it was a nice series to watch and I don’t regret a minute spent for it. For those, who, like me, were with Walt from the beginning to the end – I hope you enjoyed it like me. For those who haven’t watched it yet – I suggest start as soon as possible, despite knowing the end!

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