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Louise Unlucky In Love On The Bachelor.

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  The Final Two - Will The Bachelor pick Lisa or Sam?  image - supplied/Ten

The Final Two - Will The Bachelor pick Lisa or Sam?
image - supplied/Ten

Lisa And Sam Are The Final Two.

The Bachelor Blake Garvey said a tearful goodbye to event planner Louise, 26, during tonight’s penultimate rose ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.

Blake struggled with the decision and even acknowledged he had “fallen for all three ladies”, but eventually decided his connection with Lisa, 27, and Sam, 25, was much stronger, sending them through to the final rose ceremony where he will make one of them the ultimate offer of lasting love: a proposal of marriage.

Blake said: “I think Louise and I are great together. I love the energy that she brings, but I have a slight concern. I feel that I’m not 100 per cent sure that Louise knows me. Just those little things, the intangibles. Sometimes I get the feeling from Sam and Lisa that they really, really get me. But Louise I’m not absolutely sure about that.”

  Eliminated - Louise  image - supplied/Ten

Eliminated - Louise
image - supplied/Ten

Despite trying her best to put those concerns to rest, including declaring her love for him, Louise was still unsure if Blake felt the same way. 

Before the rose ceremony, Louise said: “Blake is definitely someone I can see spending the rest of my life with. I’ve never felt this way for anyone in my entire life, so receiving a rose tonight means it’s real. And that he feels the way I feel.”

Blake presented the first rose to Sam and the second to Lisa, leaving Louise without a rose and heading back home to Australia.

Blake spoke with Louise privately after the rose ceremony. He said: “You have been so incredible. In everything you’ve done, you’ve put a smile on my face. That enthusiasm that you have, that energy, that’s so infectious and beautiful to be around. I’m going to miss that more than anything. I know you’re going to find love again soon.”

Louise responded with: “I don’t regret absolutely anything and the love that I have for you will last a lifetime.”

Sam is the youngest but seems to be the one to have captured his heart and is priced as the $1.70 favourite with bookmakers to be the last girl standing.

If Blake prefer brunette over blonde, Lisa isn’t out of the running, at $2.50.

“He has kissed them all, told them all that they have a connection and expressed that he has envisioned a future with all of them – so this wasn’t the easiest market to come up with! But we think Sam is the one he is keenest on. Whether she says yes or not when he pops the question is another thing completely,” said’s Shaun Anderson.

The Bachelor Australia. 

The Finale. 7.30pm, Thursday, October 2. On TEN.