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Andrew Mercado to present a week of Ozploitation on World Movies @andrewmercado

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  Andrew Mercado image - World Movies

Andrew Mercado
image - World Movies

Over one heart-thumping week, World Movies presents the best break-neck action, schlock-horror, ocker comedy and frisky-sex romps that contributed to the cultural film phenomenon of the 70s and 80s in Australian film – Ozploitation.

Starting from next Monday 17 November, each night features insights, anecdotes and the wildest film trivia from the encyclopaedic mind of TV and film historian Andrew Mercado, filmed exclusively (in the grit of the outback) for World Movies.

Featuring the wild, untold-story documentary Not Quite Hollywood – which includes interviews with over eighty Australian, American and British actors, directors, screenwriters and producers and features Ozploitation fan Quentin Tarantino – this week-long celebration of Australian new-wave cinema includes exploitation cult-classics Alvin Purple, Road Games, Stone, Mad Dog Morgan and the provocative Felicity. 

“The best part about growing up in the 1970s was being there for the rebirth of the Australian film industry. All the kids wanted to see R-rated movies like Alvin Purple, but pre-video, all I could do was ride my bike to the local drive-in and watch from outside the barbwire fence!” said host Andrew Mercado.
“Movies like Alvin Purple were huge box office hits but shunned by the film elite of the day who preferred proper period pieces like Picnic at Hanging Rock. I am so excited to present these films and remind people that we once had a robust film industry that made many great Aussie flicks.”

Bung another snag on the barbie, have your Esky at arms reach, and join Aussie Exploitation movie addict Andrew Mercado as he explores the grittiest films in Australian cult cinema every night on World Movies from Monday 17 November 9.30pm, with a special introductory screening of Not Quite Hollywood on Monday 17 November, 7.45pm (prior to the first film).

WM Cult: Aussie Exploitation airs exclusively on World Movies every night from Monday 17 November to Friday 21 November9.30pm AEDT.