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Mike Willesse gives Russell Crowe a Grilling - Sunday Night on Seven

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   Russell Crowe  image source - Seven Network

Russell Crowe
image source - Seven Network

Sunday at 6.30pm on Seven


Russell Crowe doesn’t give many interviews these days – and certainly not like this one. So when the Oscar-winning Hollywood superstar has something to say it’s well worth listening. The day the ‘Gladiator’ sat down with Sunday Night’s Mike Willesse there was a feeling of magic on set – and he didn’t disappoint. From his revelations about his assault conviction for throwing a telephone at a hotel employee to his less-than-stellar early singing career, Crowe doesn’t hold back. And Willesee doesn’t pull any questions. Crowe, who now calls Australia home, also lifts the lid on his controversial new movie The Water Diviner in which he makes his debut as a director.



A life-destroying disease is breaking out all over Australia. Thousands of fit and healthy people from all walks of life are falling victim to the mysterious illness – which the Federal Government insists can’t be caught here. Victims slowly lose control of their limbs, experience violent seizures and suffer chronic fatigue. Many struggle to find treatment because doctors and hospitals turn them away saying the condition is psychological. Hundreds of Australians are now travelling overseas to Europe to undergo a radical new treatment that is claimed to be a cure.  Sunday Night reporter Rahni Sadler joins three of them on their journey – and the results are remarkable.


Last week Sunday Night revealed the hidden human tragedy of Aussie police officers whose lives have been crippled battling post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition strikes one in five officers yet State governments are reluctant to deal with the crisis, abandoning once proud policemen and women and leaving them to struggle for benefits from insurance companies. On Sunday Night this week, the campaign to change the criteria so that those officers who take their lives as a result of PTSD developed through their duties are included on the National Police Memorial Honour Roll.  



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