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Australian Federal Police Issue Apology After Raiding Seven

NewsKevin Perry

The Australian Federal Police has issued a public apology to the Seven Network, not for raiding its offices on Tuesday, but for a "word processing error" in a document.

Fairfax reports the AFP has apologised for stating a legal representative of Seven had been “reasonably suspected” of committing a crime, describing the incident as a “word processing error”.

The AFP obtained a search warrant from Magistrate Graeme Curran using a document that stated Seven’s lawyer Justine Munsie  was “reasonably suspected of having committed the offence stated in the relevant warrant.”

In an apology issued by the Australian Federal Police yesterday they stated:

“We accept that this statement was incorrect and it should not have been made.”

“It is a regrettable error, but it is an innocent word-processing error. The Commissioner and the Australian Federal Police regret any hurt, embarrassment or offence which this error has caused."

The Guardian website has previously reported that chairman of Seven West Media, Kerry Stokes was so angry after the raid he will step aside from his role on Australian War Memorial council as a form of protest. 

Tuesday’s raids have sparked old wounds for many senior figures within Seven, In 1975 three journalists from the Seven Network and two from the Nine Network were murdered by the Indonesian military in East Timor. Many senior figures within the Seven Network believe that Tuesday’s raids were at the behest of the Indonesian Government.

On Thursday The Australian published details of documents seized by the AFP during the raid, in one document seized from Seven titled ‘Mercedes Corby Exclusive Agreement’ dated February 2014 there is no mention of funds that are to be paid despite a signed contract.

In another letter from NewIdea magazine to Mercedes Corby on January 2014 an offer of $25,000 is made but the document does not articulate, “how that payment is or was to be made”.

The Seven Network, NewIdea and the Corby family have always denied any deal was in place, if a deal was to be proven to exist it could be subject to Victims of Crime legislation.

Indonesian Authorities are remaining firm in there resistance to a possible Shapelle Corby interview

Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin said yesterday. “The correctional board has rejected (the interview). She will be better if she realises that she is still an inmate who enjoys parole. And one of condition for enjoying parole is the parole could be revoked if she causes restlessness.

“We should be aware that the news about Corby has become huge. It will be better if she realises it. Her family should realise it. Don’t make the correctional board find that the condition to revoke her parole has been fulfilled because she has caused restlessness in the community.”

Since her release Shapelle Corby has remained hidden inside a luxury Balinese Villa, it has been reported that Seven's Sunday Night reporter Mike Wiliesee has also spent time considerable time in the resort.

The Seven Networks CEO Tim Worner has responded releasing a public statement.

"Any claims by the AFP that they uncovered any relevant documents as part of their raid on Seven West Media and its premises are false. 

The document given to them by Seven during their visit on Tuesday was not covered by or requested in the previous production order. A massive amount of public time and money was wasted on something that could have been requested by email. 

In any event the document had no legal effect as it is an unsigned draft which was never finalised. 

The production order only sought actual agreements. 34-armed personnel were required to correct a drafting error in a massive over reaction. AFP believed what they read in the papers and are no doubt shocked to discover the truth."