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Presto Movie Service Finally Gets A Launch Date.

NewsKevin Perry

The long awaited Presto IPTV movie service will finally launch on the 13th of March, after several delays that has led to much speculation that Foxtel had lost confidence in the service.

  First look at the new Presto interface

First look at the new Presto interface

The service will launch for a special trial price of $5. After the trial customers wil pay $19.95 per month for the service.  

Presto was originally announced last September and was expected to launch in November however technical difficulties has delayed the launch until now.

Speaking at the Broadcast Australia summit in Sydney today Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said, “We’re thrilled to announce that the countdown is on for the launch of Presto. Starting March 13, Australian movie lovers will have access to as many movies as they want from a massive library of cinematic hits for a price per week equivalent to what they’d pay for just one standard iTunes movie rental.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback since our initial announcement and anticipation from Australians, hungry for a new way to experience great movies, when and where they want, and free from ad-breaks, continues to grow. We’re looking forward to Presto taking the stage in the coming weeks.”

Presto is seen as an important part of Foxtel's future stratagy continuing to reposition its business in the IPTV space with persistent rumours that streaming giant Netflix is looking towards an Australian launch, Foxtel have used the last 18 months to secure as much IPTV content as possible.

Presto customers will pay $19.95 on a no lock-in contract for access to movies from studios such as MGM, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Hopscotch Entertainment One, ICON, Studiocanal and Transmission Films.

Presto will launch initially on PC, Mac  and iOS devices and will soon be available on compatible Android phones and tablets. Apps for selected Smart TV’s will also be available.

 Subscribers will be able to get on-demand access to all content from the seven Foxtel Movies channels:

·       Premiere

·       Comedy

·       Drama/ Romance

·       Thriller/Crime

·       Action/Adventure

·       Family

·       Masterpiece

Unlike US cable companies that have been slow to react to new competition from IPTV services such as Netflix and Hulu, Foxtel has been much more active in the space securing key movie and sport IPTV rights including the AFL and NRL. Foxtel have also been aggressively securing internet rights for high profile TV Drama’s from studios such as HBO and AMC.