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FX Angers Twitter Users With Walking Dead Zombies

NewsKevin Perry
 Image via Asher Wolf

Image via Asher Wolf

A promotional stunt by FX Australia has sparked concern after hundreds of online zombies were used to attack a number of high profile Australian Twitter users

The stunt involved more than 600 fake Twitter accounts that were programmed to automatically follow a target. The fake accounts featured morbid zombie profile pics and descriptions. 

After causing hours of confusion and concern for the recipient the zombies would then deliver the message

“Congrats you survived the #ZombieFollowers outbreak #TheWalkingDead returns Monday 8:30pm First On FX"

It is believed the Foxtel channel FX Australia hired The Cleminger group to carry out the stunt.

Targets of the zombie follow included Gizmodo's Luke Hopewell, TV Blogger Steve Molk, News Corp tech writer Jen Dudley-Nicholson and The Guardian's Asher Wolf.

 All of the Twitter zombies have since been deleted.

In a blog post published yesterday Asher Wolf describes her concern and fear at being targeted in such a strange manner.

A spokesperson for Twitter Australia has stated they are aware of the situation and “its being investigated by there spam team” Under Twitters terms of service accounts that gain large numbers of fake followers can be suspended.

At the time of publishing this article no one from Foxtel or FX was available for comment.