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  Ryan Gosling - Drive

Ryan Gosling - Drive


Starting on Saturday, 1 March at 9.30pm and continuing for the month of March, accomplished film commentator and arts journalist, Sandy George will present a sensational line-up of five award-winning films, boasting some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Drive, Precious, Winter’s Bone, Rampart andThe Tree Of Life.

Drive (2011)

Starts 9.30pm, Saturday 1 March on SBS ONE

A Hollywood stunt driver (Ryan Gosling) moonlights, by day, as a top-notch getaway driver-for-hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA's most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbour, Irene (Carey Mulligan). When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best – drive.

Stars: Ryan GoslingCarey Mulligan,Bryan CranstonOscar Isaac, and Albert Brooks

Awards: Best Director, Cannes Film Festival

Precious (2009)

9.30pm, Saturday 8 March on SBS ONE

Set in Harlem in 1987, Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) is a young, poor, angry, illiterate, overweight, unloved and generally unnoticed teenager. Pregnant, for the second time, to her abusive father, Precious lives at home with her mother, whom she must wait hand and foot. However, underneath all of Precious’ impassive expression is a watchful, curious young woman with an inchoate but unshakeable sense that other possibilities exist for her.

Stars: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz.

Awards: Supporting Actress, Academy Awards, Adapted Screenplay, Academy Awards, Supporting Actress, Golden Globes, Supporting Actress, BAFTA, Supporting Actress, Screen Actors Guild, Film of the Year, American Film Institute 2010

Rampart (2011)

9.30pm Saturday 15 March on SBS ONE

Officer Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson) is a Vietnam vet and LAPD patrolman with his own sense of justice and morality. He lives with his two ex-wives (Anne Heche and Cynthia Nixon) who happen to be sisters, and picks up random women in alcohol-fuelled benders. However, it is an inconvenient time for cops who behave like action heroes; when Brown is caught on tape beating a suspect, his professional and personal lives spiral out of control, and he begins to question his very being.

Stars: Woody HarrelsonIce Cube, Anne Heche and Cynthia Nixon.

Awards: Best Actor, African American Film Critics Association Award

Winter’s Bone (2010)

9.30pm Saturday 22 March on SBS ONE

Her family home is in danger of being repossessed after her meth-cooking dad skips bail and disappears; teenager, Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) breaks the local code of conduct by confronting her kin about their conspiracy of silence. The film explores the interrelated themes of close and distant family ties, the power and speed of gossip, self-sufficiency, and poverty as they are changed by the pervasive underworld of illegalmethamphetamine labs

Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes and Garret Dillahunt.

Awards: Film of the Year, American Film Institute 2011

The Tree Of Life (2011)

9.30pm Saturday 29 March on SBS ONE

Director, Terrence Malick traces the evolution of an 11-year-old boy in the Midwest, from his first experiences of joy love and mercy (from his mother), to his introduction to the 'ways of the world' (from his father). Each parent contends for his allegiance, and the boy must reconcile their claims. His experience of the world, once a thing of glory, becomes a labyrinth as he seeks unselfish love.

Stars: Brad PittSean Penn, and Jessica Chastain.

Awards: Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival, Film of the Year, American Film Institute 2012