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Multiple Sclerosis Russian Roulette - This Weekend on 60 Minutes

ProgrammingKevin Perry
  Kristy Cruise

Kristy Cruise

Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7.40pm on Channel Nine

Russian Roulette

35 year old mother of two Kristy Cruise is slowly dying. A radical procedure could save her life but Australian doctors are refusing to treat her. So, Kristy is going to Russia to be blasted with chemotherapy for days, before being re-injected with her own stem cells. She hopes the treatment will stop her slow decline from multiple sclerosis. Already she’s confined to a wheelchair, with no feeling down her left side, suffering severe exhaustion and facing cognitive decline. The trip to Russia is physically, emotionally and financially taxing, but it’s Kristy’s last chance at salvaging some time with her husband and two young boys. 60 Minutes has been following Kristy on her journey and, this Sunday, the results will send shockwaves through Australia’s medical establishment.

Reporter: Tara Brown                      Producer: Stephen Rice


The Ghost Cities of Fukushima

When a tsunami triggered the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011, the world feared the worst and for good reason. It is the most devastating nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and millions of others now live in fear of serious illness. Radiation is everywhere – in the soil, trees, food, air and water. The Japanese are trying to clean it up, but they’re fighting a losing battle.This Sunday, Liz Hayes goes inside the exclusion zone to the ghost cities, deserted and abandoned, never to be lived in again. And 60 Minutes will also broadcast a warning from one of Australia’s leading medical and nuclear experts, who says the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled, due to radiation contamination.

Reporter: Liz Hayes                         Producer: Phil Goyen


Happy Snaps

Few people have looked into the eyes of an attacking saltwater crocodile and lived to tell the tale - Todd Bairstow is one of them. In 2011, 60 Minutes told Todd’s unbelievable story of survival. The mine worker had been fishing in Far North Queensland when a crocodile grabbed him by the legs and dragged him into the water. For thirty long minutes, Todd wrestled with the croc in a deadly tug of war. Finally his mate Kev Beven and some Weipa locals came to his rescue. Almost three years later, Todd is ready to be reunited with the croc that tried to eat him for lunch.

Reporter: Michael Usher                 Producer: Ali Smith