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Portland Trail Blazers v San Antonio Spurs – Game 3 on ESPN @Foxtel

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Western Conference Semi-Finals – Portland Trail Blazers v San Antonio Spurs – Game 3

Sunday 11th May @ 12.30pm on ESPN

These two teams played each other close in the regular season, the aggregate score 423-419 in favour of Portland. The Blazers have not won a championship since 1977 but their uniforms are now adorned with a patch commemorating the coach who led them to that victory and ‘Blazermania’ is catching on.

The Spurs were pushed to seven by the number eight Mavericks, but when it came down to crunch time San Antonio produced a 23 point triumph and showed why they had the best regular season record this year. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has noted concern over the scoring potential of Aldridge and Lillard and the relative inexperience his team has in guarding them.

The Spurs are the only team in NBA history to not have a single player average more than 30 minutes during the regular season with nine players who averaged at least 8.2 points. With this depth the Trail Blazers will need an entire roster of defensive specialists to contain the versatile Spurs.