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In Tracy's Corner - Tonight on Australian Story @abctv

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    Tracy Connelly pictured with her partner Tony on holiday before her brutal murder    Photo: The Age   

Tracy Connelly pictured with her partner Tony on holiday before her brutal murder
Photo: The Age

Monday May 12, 8pm on ABC1 Introduced by Rachel Griffiths

Monday night’s program tells the story of the unsolved and savage murder of a woman called Tracy Connelly and the unexpected consequences of her death.

Our biggest fear was that one day we would get the call, that her final hours were the worst.
Les Toft, Tracy Connelly’s brother

Once it was out there that Tracy had been murdered, the residents were devastated. They knew Tracy, they understood her predicament in life.
Det Senior Sgt Stuart Bailey, Victoria Police

Connelly was a St Kilda sex worker but her exceptional looks and personality endeared her to many in the local community where a street was known as ‘Tracy’s Corner’.


I’d rock up to work and there’s the van and there’d be these big long legs coming out of the van and even though Tracy was technically homeless she’d come out of that bloody van looking like a model.
Lucy Valentino, community worker.

She had a lot of regulars. It was mainly a lotta tradies, I saw a lotta utes, a lotta vans. I saw her dropped off a few times, she’d always wave and I’d wave back – you didn’t really know what the etiquette was about that.
Wendy Squires, “AGE” journalist & St Kilda resident

I think there’s a perception out there that the men that use street sex workers are only weirdos. I think middle class Australia would be absolutely horrified if they saw what type of cars I see pull up, you know, fancy cars with baby seats in the back, beautifully dressed men. I think they’d be absolutely gobsmacked.
Lucy Valentino, community worker

Tracy Connelly seemingly lived most of her adult life thinking she counted for nothing but as events unfolded it turned out she couldn’t have been more wrong.

About a week before she passed away she said ‘you know what Tone? We should take our script of sleeping tablets’. She goes ‘I don’t see much point to living at times and no one would really care, Tone. No one would care.’
Tony Melissovas, Tracy Connelly’s partner

I think the vigil was a very strong message saying to Tracy’s friends and the other girls “you matter” ...
Rachel Griffiths, actor & St Kilda resident

As community outrage spilled over onto social media, the family left behind in Queensland unexpectedly stepped forward to reclaim her.

I didn’t really want to go at first, but then I realised this will probably be the last time I’ll ever get to say goodbye to her or anything like that.
Billy Connelly, son

What emerges is a remarkable and poignant story.

This episode also includes inside information from the ongoing Victoria Police investigation....