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House Rules shake up as teams fall victim to WA death trap

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  Carole and Russell  image - Seven Network

Carole and Russell
image - Seven Network

Leaderboard reshuffle as heat, hill and overconfidence take a toll.

Carole and Russell predicted the heat and steep hill on which their home sits outside Perth would cause HOUSE RULES competitors to lose weight. Tonight Team Tassie lost a lot more than calories.

Brooke and Grant slipped from second place to last and now head to Melbourne with their sleeping bags to camp on site. Their competitors might see it as karma after their antics this week.

After causing a gas leak, refusing to help carry supplies or compromise on boundaries, other teams were gifted their revenge when the Tassie couple received just four points each from the judges for their kitchen/pantry. “Joe scored us a four? That’s disgusting!” said Brooke. “That’s not fair!”

Homeowners Carole and Russell weren’t as critical. After describing their pre-renovation home as a “tip” and “death trap”, they couldn’t believe the change with Carole collapsing in tears.

Winners for renovation two were Queensland’s Maddi and Lloyd. After being told by the judges to “step it up”, they certainly did with their ‘champagne and chocolate’ ensuite.

Victoria’s Adam and Lisa delivered on the ‘vintage luxe’ brief in the guest bedroom, and their work saw them leapfrog from last to second.

South Australia finished in third place again in a week which saw them plagued by injury and mishaps. Whilst praised for their living room, judge Joe Snell said the deck was “underwhelming”. After failing to finish their zone, Candy and Ryan were lucky to avoid the tent, coming in fourth place.

Team WA homeowners Carole and Russell scored the teams out of 10:


QLD Maddi & Lloyd (ensuite & WIR) 8

VIC Adam & Lisa (guest bedroom & bathroom) 6

SA Bomber & Mel (living room, deck & linen cupboard) 6

NSW Candy & Ryan (master bedroom, laundry, hallway) 5

TAS Brooke & Grant (kitchen & pantry) 7


Judges Wendy Moore and Joe Snell also scored the teams out of 10 with the final tally:

With a mortgage of $290,000, empty nesters Carole and Russell admit they would have struggled to transform the home they bought off Gumtree labelled ‘renovate or detonate’. “My life has changed,” she said. “I have something now – something to share with everyone.”

HOUSE RULES airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm and continues Sunday at 6.30pm before the next home reveal on Monday at 7.30pm.