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Feel A Pang For Brasil ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup @sbs

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  Sam Pang (he's the guy on the right...)  image - supplied

Sam Pang (he's the guy on the right...)
image - supplied

SBS’s 2014 FIFA World Cup season just got a whole lot sexier…or did it?

All new two-part series A Pang For Brasil, hosted by the hilariously awkward and definitely not Brasilian* Sam Pang, premieres Monday 2 June, 7.30pm on SBS ONE.

Join Sam Pang on a journey into the heart of what makes Brasilians the coolest race on the planet as excitement builds and all eyes turn towards the host nation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Gorgeous, sexy, bold, passionate, great dancers, love makers and incredible footballers, Brasilians are everything that Sam is not. Walking like a Brasilian may look easy, but for Sam, it may be a case of crawling first.

Sam tries to dress, or undress, like a Brasilian, tan and wax like a Brasilian, dance like a Brasilian, workout like a Brasilian, eat like a Brasilian, party like a Brasilian, chat up ladies like aBrasilian, and gesture like a Brasilian; and fails spectacularly along the way. 

On his travels from picturesque Rio de Janiero to the mega metropolis Sao Paolo to vibrant party town Salvador, Sam is taken under the wing of a colourful cast of local characters who try and educate him in the finer points of Brasilian culture. Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Jesus Luz is Sam’s mentor in nightlife, women and sex-appeal, while vivacious comedian Veronica Debom looks after his makeover in a city where appearance is everything. Millionaire businesswoman Cozete Gomes teaches Sam how to shop like a cashed up Brasilian and rapper Criolo schools him in favela life.

*Our amigo Sam became so Brasilian during the filming of this show that we spell it with an ‘s, not a ‘z’ now, just like the locals do.  

A Pang For Brasil episode one Monday, 2 June, 7.30pm on SBS ONE, episode two Monday 9 June, 7.30pm on SBS ONE.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is live and exclusive on SBS from 13 June 2014.


Episode One: Monday 2 June, 7.30pm on SBS ONE


Sam Pang begins his Brasilian adventure in Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful city of beautiful people. With the help of local comedian Veronica Debom, Sam experiences a Carioca makeover, and after a wax and shopping trip for a sunga (theBrasilian budgie smuggler) is unleashed onto the beach, the heart and soul of Rio culture. Sam looks to be finding his feet, and some friends, as he tries a Brasilian version of beach volleyball played with the feet, but naturally spends more time falling flat on his face. For his education in Brasilian nightlife and women, Sam meets with model, DJ and Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Jesus Luz. No visit to Rio would be complete without loosening the hips, so Sam takes to the streets for a dance off in the favela, and must keep in step with samba veterans in an underground club. 


Episode Two: Monday 9 June, 7.30pm on SBS ONE 


The Brasilian crash course continues as Sam travels to Sao Paolo and Salvador. In Brasil’s largest city Sao Paolo, he spends a day high flying with local model-turned business mogul millionaire Cozete Gomes, whose preferred mode of transport is private helicopter. Then Sam comes back to reality with a trip to the favela to meet with rapper Criolo. Sam gets his football fix and learns to bend it like a Brasilian, and acquires a new taste for Amazonian cuisine. In the party town of Salvador, Sam learns to drum with the legendary carnival band Olodum and discovers that he was Afro-Brasilian in a past life. For one last adventure, Sam returns to Rio to audition for a role on a telenovella – the ultimate test as to whether this Aussie has what it takes to pass as a Brasilian