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Will Masterchef gain a Prince Harry Boost? @ChannelTen

NewsKevin Perry
  Can you spot the difference? If not punch yourself in the head.   image - supplied

Can you spot the difference? If not punch yourself in the head.
image - supplied

Network Ten has confirmed tacky 'reality drama'  I Wanna Marry “Harry" will air on Sunday nights in the 6:30pm timeslot from the 1st of June.

This means it will be the Sunday lead-in show for Masterchef Australia. While the curiosity factor is likely to bring in audiences on night one, its hard to imagine this program providing any long term success for Ten. While no longer the ratings juggernaut it once was Masterchef did have an audience over 1 Million last Sunday. Its been a long time since any show did that on Ten, and it would be a shame to see Ten do anything else to damage the Masterchef brand. 

Already an internet sensation (not really) overseas, I Wanna Marry “Harry” will feature 12 (dumb and desperate) women competing for the love and affection of Prince Harry. However, there is a catch (really??) it’s not actually Prince Harry, but an imposter.

Co-produced by Zig Zag Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions, the cheeky reality show enlists Englishman Matthew Hicks to convince 12 blissfully ignorant women that he is Prince Harry.

Matthew is an average English chap who receives the royal treatment and an upper crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women who are all searching for Prince Charming. 

I Wanna Marry “Harry” follows the women as they fight for their chance to marry “Prince Harry”, while living at an English estate.

Matthew must convince these beautiful women that he is a member of the Royal Family. If he does, will they fall for the crown or fall in love with the real him?

Each week, Matthew (or “Sir”, as the ladies call him) handpicks one lucky lady to take on an extravagant adventure, while another’s dream of “happily ever after” is dashed and she must leave the estate.

When Matthew narrows down his choice to one woman, he will finally have to admit the truth about his royal masquerade. The winning lady then must decide if she can look past the pretence and love this gent, who is more pauper than prince.

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “I Wanna Marry “Harry” is a fantastic reality romance program with a royal twist.

“It is pure fun and escapism. Although it hasn’t launched yet, the online buzz surrounding this show overseas is enormous. It is rapidly becoming a television event.”

Zig Zag Productions CEO and I Wanna Marry “Harry” creator Danny Fenton said: “We’re delighted our antipodean cousins are going to be enjoying I Wanna Marry “Harry”.

“This royal dating romp is compelling viewing for royalists and republicans alike. I’m sure everyone will be talking about the format in the weeks and months ahead.”

Matthew, a single gent who resides in Exeter, England, endured rigorous training for his royal transformation, including lessons in table etiquette, horseback riding and the Royal Family tree.

When not impersonating Prince Harry, Matthew works for an environmental consulting firm which specialises in cleaning up oil spills. He also works as, yes, a Prince Harry lookalike.