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Report - Netflix Lauching In Australia

NewsKevin Perry

Rumours are once again circulating that US based VoD provider Netflix will soon be launching in Australia. It’s a story that re-emerges every few months and is usually ignored by this website however this latest report may have a bit more substance.

Media website is reporting that Netflix 'has begun negotiating for the Australasian rights to US films and series' with the intention of launching in Australia and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2015

The real interest is in exactly what content Netflix would be able to bring to an Australian audience, while the company now has a presence in many parts of Europe and South America, the variety of content it provides to each of these markets varies wildly.

Netflix will be hoping it’s big name in-house produced drama’s including House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and new Marvel series will be enough attract a large customer base.

Foxtel however remains confident it has done enough to ensure it will be difficult for Netflix to enter an Australian market. In December last year Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein remarked in an interview,

"at least five of the major studios have not given Netflix the rights to deliver content in Australia.”

While a deal with the ACCC prevents Foxtel signing exclusive deals for online content, its clear that the Pay TV company is applying plenty of pressure in Hollywood to persuade studios from signing Australian content deals with Netflix. 

To complicate the issue the Nine Network is also in the market place desperately trying to secure content for it’s own new VoD venture currently codenamed StreamCo. While not much is known about StreamCo it has emerged Nine have had extensive negotiations with the Seven Network regarding a joint venture.

StreamCo is expected to launch later this year with a subscription price under $12 per month. This website understands StreamCo is also planning a kids only option for $6.95 per month.

An official spokesperson for Netflix told Gizmodo yesterday that they have “No current plans to launch in Australia. We do want to be global, so one day we should be there, but we have no current Australia launch scheduled.”