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The Blood Letting continues at Ten Eyewitness News

NewsKevin Perry
  Danielle Isdale just one of the names confirmed to be leaving Ten  image - Ten Network

Danielle Isdale just one of the names confirmed to be leaving Ten
image - Ten Network

John Hill, Danielle Isdale, Mazoe Ford, Ellie Southwood and Antoinette Lattouf are just some of the names confirmed to have accepted a redundancy package as the Ten Network continues with its plans to cut 150 staff members over the coming months.

While Ten management has always promised local 5pm news bulletins would be maintained the truth is these cuts are savage. This website understands Perth and Adelaide will be left with only four reporters working per day after the cuts while Melbourne will have six, Sydney will have seven, and Brisbane will have five news-crews to cover all the daily news and sport issues.

One Ten source speaking with this website today said,

"its essentially going to be run like the weekend National bulletin, under the guise of a local bulletin due to the presenter. But audiences aren't stupid, they'll realise very quickly that Ten can no longer cover even the most basic local news" 

Danielle Isdale joined the network in 2009 as part of the failed George Negus experiment before going on to host the now axed Late Night News. It is understood she will now relocate to London after her wedding later this year

John Hill is a senior journalist who was nominated for a Walkley award for his jaw-dropping interview with political candidate Jaymes Diaz.

News Corp reports that TEN’s London and Los Angeles news bureaus will close making the fate of correspondents Ben Lewis, Lachlan Kennedy and Emma Dallimore uncertain.

Reporter Antoinette Lattouf has been recently spotted in the SBS newsroom.

Matt Doran has been rumoured to be escaping the cuts by leaving the news division and joining the cast of The Project.

Also avoiding the cuts is former Wake Up host Natarsha Belling. Valued highly by the network Natarsha will return on-air soon as a fill-in News Presenter and regular guest host on Studio10. 

With the process of voluntary redundancy now nearing completion, News Directors in each state will this week commence the forced departure process, informing staff they are no longer required.

Long standing Melbourne News Director Dermot O'Brien recently quit after 18 years with the network. Sources suggest he was unwilling to be apart of destroying what he had previously built.

Under the plan Ten will attempt to rationalise production by reducing backroom staff and moving as much production as possible to Sydney.

Journalist's will now spend more time in studio adding local voiceovers to vision obtained from foreign broadcasters. 

This is the second time Ten has made savage cuts to its news division in the past 4 years. In the past week this website has been contacted by a number of Ten Network employees distraught at the situation now facing them, and concerned at the standard of local news that will be presented in the future.

Despite the dramatic ratings slump that Ten has faced during the last four years, the 5pm Eyewitness News bulletin has always been a shining light and often the most watched program on the network.

In the past 12 months Ten has embarked on a big event strategy investing millions into BBL Cricket, Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Sure these events are capable of bringing in big peak audiences for brief periods of time, but without a solid programming line-up including News viewers will continue to vote with their remotes.

The editor of this website would like to talk with any Ten Network employee's affected by these changes. All communication is strictly confidential and no names will be published.