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Fresh Blood pumps through the heart of iview

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 image - ABCTV

image - ABCTV

Fresh Blood, the first made-for-iview content, is available to watch right now!

Finally the wait is over.  ABC TV and Screen Australia have unveiled Fresh Blood, dripping with seriously funny new comedic talent.   

Selected from hundreds of applicants throughout Australia, 24 comedic groups have produced almost six hours of brand new comedy content comprising 71 five minute shorts.  

Fresh Blood pumps through the heart of iview for the entire month of June, with new content showcased every week. It is the first ever made-for-iview content.   

“We’re pretty damn excited to introduce two dozen brilliant, crazy, boundary-pushing comedy teams to ABC audiences via the Fresh Blood initiative," says Jon Casimir, Head of Entertainment, ABC TV.

“The ABC has always taken risks, offering a home for new and rising talent.  Fresh Blood is the latest chapter in that proud tradition. It’s a kaleidoscopic snapshot of Australia’s emerging comedy scene, and iview allows us the perfect platform to present it as a month-long celebration.”

The Fresh Blood initiative offered commissions and a budget of $10,000 for each successful applicant.  The final applicants were selected by ABC TV and Screen Australia earlier this year. The comedic groups had two months to produce their short form content under the mentorship and guidance of ABC TV producers.

Fresh Blood is about giving rising comedy talent on both sides of the camera a springboard to build their audience on newer distribution platforms, and take another step towards sustaining a screen career. We can’t wait to see what happens next,” says Graeme Mason, CEO, Screen Australia. 

The first six Fresh Blood comedy sketches on iview this week are Fabled, The Write Stuff, Crowdfailure, Aunty Donna,#Couples, and Donnatelegrams.


Fabled from Stuntbear (Jay K and James Woods), asks the question, “Whatever happened to our favourite Fairy Tales?”  From the candy obsessed and now dangerously obese Hansel and Gretel, Fabled embarks on an enchanting journey into the lives of the characters we once loved.


The Write Stuff is from Henry Inglis, Matt Lovkis and Lauren Elliott (Mad Kids). Noel and Carl Pennyman, two delusional screenwriting gurus, offer superficial, misguided and woefully inaccurate advice on how to make it big in Hollywood.  Mad Kids are committed to creating hilarious, entertaining, laugh-out-loud, remarkable, eye-catching, fresh, obscene, irreverent and surprising content.


Doug Bayne’s Crowdfailure, the web series, presents fake Kickstarter videos for projects that didn’t get the cash. You know the kind of genius business ideas you have at the pub with friends? Those kind of ideas. Dumb, but awesome dumb


Aunty Donna, are Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, and Zachary Ruane, and they are mentored by Tim Minchin. Their material stands as a collection of random sketches; ideas that really excite and make people laugh. They include ‘The Worst Prank Call of All Time’ and ‘The Haircut Shirt’.  Aunty Donna showcases a mix of the wild, rude and facetious comedy.


#Couples, by Stevo and Mel, provides a harsh reality check of what it's really like to be in a relationship in today's modern age. Their twisted comic-creations include a butch and femme lesbian couple; a high maintenance girlfriend and her doormat boyfriend and a dysfunctional married couple, as they explore the darker and more honest side to being in love.


Donnatelegrams from Amy Lehpamer and Lewis Hobba, is about the work of singer, small business owner and messenger Donna Grammer. Donna was fired from her last singing telegram gig, because every time she tried to deliver good news she turned into a blubbering mess. But even though good news overwhelmed her, her relentless positivity meant bad news never fazed her.


Information about these and all of the Fresh Blood comedic groups can be found at