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The Time Of Our Lives continues tonight on ABCTV

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 Shane Jacobson in The Time Of Our Lives image - ABCTV

Shane Jacobson in The Time Of Our Lives
image - ABCTV

8:30pm Thursday, 24 July 2014 on ABC

I cant say too much but things are about to get interesting particularly for Claudia Karvan's character Caroline in tonights episode of The Time of Our Lives, also tonight. Luce is excited about his upcoming one night only performance. The venue is locked in and tickets are being snapped up due to Lisa's star status, however rehearsals aren't going so well. Lisa is constantly late and seems to fight Luce creatively every step of the way, so he fires her.

Bernadette has gone into menopause. Despite some uncomfortable symptoms she feels good about her decision to have surgery; she feels at peace.

Chai Li is helping Ray practise walking with his new leg.  He confides in Chai Li about his recurring nightmares about Vietnam.  She suggests he speak to a counsellor but Ray is very resistant.

Caroline attends work drinks with Julian where Caroline tells QC Diana Southey about a difficult mandatory sentencing case she's working on.

Luce is hit with a dose of reality when ticket sales for his show plummet now that he's lost Lisa.  He decides to put the show on at Herb's bar to save on venue hire but he knows that's not enough. He asks Lisa to come back and she accepts, on one condition - she does the show on her own - without Luce. Luce agrees: he has no choice.

Everyone attends the performance and it's a big success.  Chai Li and Herb share a fun night behind the bar together.