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Jennifer Byrne Presents: Greed - Tonight on @ABCTV

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  Jennifer Byrne  image - ABCTV

Jennifer Byrne
image - ABCTV

Premieres Tuesday, 15 July 2014 at 10pm on ABC1

What have the Seven Deadly Sins morphed into today? Are they really so deadly? Are you guilty of any of them? And how have they been represented in art and literature?

Join Jennifer Byrne and her panel of esteemed guests for a sinfully good seven weeks’ viewing of deadly sins. Each week one of the Seven Deadly Sins will be discussed in all of its 'guilt-inducing glory'. From 'Greed' to 'Gluttony'.

Jennifer will be joined by a different panel of guests each week for a fascinating and lively discussion on how the sins have been represented in literature and culture throughout the ages.

Originally conceived by a 4th century monk and then honed into a template of ‘what not to do’ in order to maintain a guilt-free existence, the sins have continued to inspire great thinkers and writers ... but are they still so deadly?