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Quiz champ becomes best paid stay-at-home Dad in Australia

NewsKevin Perry

Million Dollar Minute contestant has quit the corporate world to become a fulltime dad after winning $212,000.

First-time father, Ben Allanson, has quit his job in the finance industry to be a fulltime stay-at-home dad following his $212,000 cash windfall on Million Dollar Minute.

Ben was rock solid in his final answer to win the life-changing cash windfall:

The 39-year-old from East Melbourne was unbeatable on Million Dollar Minute, winning five shows in a row. But the humble champ insists his wife, Alicia, is the brainchild behind the win.

“Alicia enrolled me on the quiz show in the hope I could win enough money to stop working, so when I came home and told her I’d just won $212,000 she couldn’t believe her plan had actually worked,” Ben said.

Ben says he has always wanted to swap his business suit for an apron because time at home with eight-week-old daughter, Esther, is the most rewarding thing he has ever done.

“My family is absolutely my priority, and this win is just the most amazing outcome – it is totally life changing. I cannot believe we can now live off this cash win as a family for years to come,” he said.

Host of Million Dollar Minute, Simon Reeve, said “I reckon Ben has just become the best paid stay-at-home Dad in the country.”

Ben is wasting no time in celebrating, with tickets already booked for a family holiday to Europe.

“We are heading off to the UK and then Europe to introduce Esther to her aunt, uncle, and cousins…Million Dollar Minute has also given me an amazing opportunity to reconnect with my family,” Ben said.

MILLION DOLLAR MINUTE airs weekdays at 5.30pm on Channel 7