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BBC First invites Twitter users to write its next drama @Foxtel

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  Gracie Otto  image - supplied

Gracie Otto
image - supplied

Foxtel’s New premium British drama channel BBC First has launched a unique marketing campaign inviting the public to pen their own Twitter drama alongside critically acclaimed writer and director, Gracie Otto.

For the next five days Gracie Otto will be guest tweeting from @BBCFirstAus to inspire a crowd-sourced narrative of intrigue. Using the hashtag #Whatsnext, the Twittersphere will actively craft the twists and unexpected turns of an evolving story, written 140 characters at a time.

In real-time response to user-generated suggestions, Otto will introduce props and thematic inspiration over the course of the week, helping to shape a coherent story.

Each following day, the latest co-authored installment will be released at lunchtime via where credited contributors can see how their tweets have been weaved into a narrative curated by Otto.

To kick things off, Otto has developed a narrative framework with five characters. Over five days, the audience will decide their fate.

  • The Heiress: mid 20s, blonde, naïve. Recently inherited an international chain of hotels after the mysterious death of her father


  • The Politician: mid 40s, conservative, good-looking, ambitious but with a tragic flaw


  • The Actress: late 30s, glamorous brunette. Alluring, seductive and motivated by greed


  • The Russian Oligarch: Early 50s, mega wealthy, questionable morals. Seemingly respected in society but hides a dark secret


  • The Concierge: 60s, has taken on a father-figure role to The Heiress. Friend and confidante to The Actress and The Politician

Lead curator of #Whatsnext, Gracie Otto said, “This is completely out of my comfort zone of writing, which is what makes this such a thrilling project to work on. By using Twitter to harness Australia’s collective imagination, I’m looking forward to creating something really unexpected and powerfully entertaining.”

Linda Deubel, Head of Marketing: Channel Brands, BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand, said: "#Whatsnext’ is a fun way to create a story with many twists and turns. By handing over the creative reins to the public, navigated by the talented Gracie Otto, this Twitter drama is guaranteed to have a surprising ending.”

The complete BBC First Twitter drama will be released in its entirety online at and via social media next week.