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ESPN announces opening weekend NFL Lineup @Foxtel

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  NFL returns to ESPN  image - supplied

NFL returns to ESPN
image - supplied

ESPN has confirmed its NFL schedule and will have LIVE coverage of every Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football match making it the ultimate football destination for the 14/15 Season.

ESPN will also be working alongside NFL Films introducing its new Monday Night Football Campaign featuring the tagline “No Other Night is Monday Night”. NFL’s top players including Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Robert Griffin III and a number of others will be featured in up-close documentary style footage showcasing their preparation for Monday Night.


Thursday Night Football: LIVE Friday Mornings (re-air Friday Nights 7.00pm on ESPN2)

Sunday Night Football: LIVE Monday Mornings (re-air Monday Nights 7.00pm on ESPN2)

Monday Night Football: LIVE Tuesday Mornings (re-air Tuesday Nights 7.00pm on ESPN2)


ESPN is excited to announce the introduction of NFL Redzone to Australian shores, a program that is sure to revolutionise your NFL viewing experience. Covering every Sunday afternoon match and airing LIVE in Australia all night, Redzone brings you the best the NFL has to offer switching from game to game with up-to-the-minute important plays and touchdowns. If a team gets inside the 20 yard line, Redzone will automatically tune into the game so you see every important play. Watching the NFL just got even better thanks to ESPN’s exclusive coverage of NFL Redzone. ESPN Redzones airs Mondays from 3.00 am



Thursday Night Football: Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

LIVE Friday September 5th @ 10.15am – Replay at 7.00pm on ESPN2


Sunday Afternoon Games: NFL Redzone

LIVE Monday September 8th 3.00am onwards


Sunday Night Game: Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos

LIVE Monday September 8th @ 10:15am – Replay at 7.00pm on ESPN2


Monday Night Game #1: New York Giants v Detroit Lions

LIVE Tuesday September 9th @ 9.00am


Monday Night Game #2: San Diego Chargers v Arizona Cardinals

LIVE Tuesday September 9th @ 12.15pm