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Unfiltered: Miley Cyrus Exclusive Interview - Sunday Night on Seven

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  Miley Cyrus  image - Seven Network

Miley Cyrus
image - Seven Network

Sunday, August 31 on Channel 7 at 8.45pm.

She’s currently the most controversial entertainer on the planet – and when she gives a rare exclusive interview she doesn’t hold back.

And this week on Sunday Night, Miley Cyrus most definitely doesn’t hold anything back! She makes headlines wherever she goes, and controversy, shock and hysteria follow in her footsteps.

At 21 she’s only just able to drink alcohol in most US states, but Miley has already clocked up a long celebrity career that began with her TV role as Hannah Montana. Her fans have grown up with her as this farm-loving teen from the burbs of Nashville has morphed into an international superstar and girl power role model for a generation of young women.

It’s a fact reporter Chris Bath went into this assignment not sure she would take to Miley – but by the end of their time together Miley had revealed some of her most revealing secrets  and Chris was a firm fan with a genuine respect for a smart and savvy woman who is no one’s fool .

From nudity to drugs, her romance with Aussie Liam Hemsworth to twerking and everything else, her brutal honesty is refreshing. If you’ve never much been interested in Miley Cyrus then don’t miss this exclusive – it’s guaranteed to surprise.