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Popular Chantal gets the shaft after Cocktail Ball - The Bachelor

RecapKevin Perry
  Chantal, 26.  image - supplied/Ten

Chantal, 26.
image - supplied/Ten

The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, said his final farewell to design consultant Chantal, 26, after he revealed that he couldn’t see their relationship developing beyond friendship.

The traditional rose ceremony was forgone in lieu of a masquerade cocktail party with a difference. Blake presented Bachelorettes with roses privately throughout the evening, creating a tense environment for the ladies in waiting. As the evening drew to a close, Blake was forced to choose between Chantal or Laurina.

Chantal was honest about her feelings and did not want to leave. She said: “I really, really like him and I can absolutely see myself falling in love with him. It would be too soon for me to go.”

In stark contrast, Laurina was dismissive of the night’s proceedings, saying: “I’m just feeling very indifferent today. I feel like I established that I had a compatibility with him very early on and now I’m kind of stuck.”

  The Heart Foundation challenge  image - supplied/Ten

The Heart Foundation challenge
image - supplied/Ten

Despite this, it was Laurina who ultimately won the rose and another week in The Bachelor mansion, a decision that shocked and surprised the remaining Bachelorettes.

Chantal was emotional but gracious as she accepted the news she was leaving. She told Blake: “I wish you the best of luck in here. I wouldn’t change this for the world, I really wouldn’t and I know your girl is in there. I wish you all the best.”

Now only six ladies remain: Zoe [VIC], Louise [QLD], Jessica [NSW], Sam [VIC], Lisa [QLD] and Laurina [VIC].

The Bachelor Australia was proud to work alongside the Heart Foundation in this episode. If you would

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