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Tears and Drama in Big Brothers first round of Nominations

NewsKevin Perry
  Jake and Gemma hopeful of surviving this week.  image copyright - Nine Network

Jake and Gemma hopeful of surviving this week.
image copyright - Nine Network

Nominations are here at last and took place in pairs, in the Dairy Room. Each pair has 5 points to nominate between 2 pairs – they can allocate 4 & 1, or 2 & 3.

Four pairs are nominated this week: Jake & Gemma, David & Sandra, Skye & Lisa, Travis & Cat.

With the voting’s lines now open (22:00 AEST) it’s up to Australia to save their favourite Housemate. BUT….In a Double-Cross eviction, Housemates will think a pair is leaving for good!  But, only one person will leave the Big Brother House…and little do the housemates know they will decide….LIVE. 

Then, Skye is in tears and tells Big Brother she thinks Lisa is excluding her in favour of the new Poodles Ned and Kelly, who trended worldwide on Twitter after their electrifying entrance into the House last night.

The second Perfect Pair championship challenge begins, it’s the “Housemate Ranking” game, with Aisha and Lawson up against Skye and Lisa. Who will win? It’s best of three! 

Big Brother sets his next Perfect Pair championship challenge, “The Profilers”. It’s Jake and Gemma facing off with Cat and Travis. Travis tells Cat they are the new Power Couple and will win the $30,000….Jake and Gemma win the challenge!

It’s a tough night for Gemma; she is upset after the ranking task, and has a rant to Katie, telling her how she feels the Housemates keep talking over her. The meltdown continues, this time she punches a pillow in frustration.

It’s getting awkward in the Big Brother House, Housemates are asking each other tricky questions and Gemma admits to having a dirty dream about Dion. David confesses he thinks Sandra is the whole package; as well as nominating himself as the least exciting in Big Brother House.