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Priya expected to depart as 'Chinese Whispers' fill Big Brother House @bbau9

RecapKevin Perry
  Priya  image - Nine Network

image - Nine Network

She’s flown under the radar during her time in the Big Brother house but Priya looks set to be flying out the door in next week’s eviction.

Priya has opened in the betting at odds of $1.65 for the BB boot ahead of Cat on $3.50 with Katie further afield on $6.00.

The two bro’s facing the public vote appear safe, Dion offered at $8.00 with Travis in double figures at $13.

Lawson has been a massive climber in the betting to win the show, jumping from $34 into $5.00 to now stand as second favourite behind Jason on $4.50.

“Priya certainly hasn’t endeared herself to her fellow housemates and the betting would suggest the same sentiment will come from the public,’’ said Sportsbet's Will Byrne.

Tonight on Big Brother, Cat and Katie chat in the garden to clear the air over last night’s soft drink saga. But then in the bedroom, drama ensues between Cat, Katie and Skye over a bad case of Chinese whispers.

Katie and Skye are arguing and it reaches boiling point with Skye raising her voice, which Katie reprimands her for.

Meanwhile, Big Brother reveals a new 24-hour Silent Disco with strict rules. At Least two Housemates must be dancing in the Fishbowl at any given time, rain, hail or shine.

The first two Housemates, Jake and Travis, have 60 seconds to get to the Fishbowl with headphones on to start dancing.

Big Brother talks to Lawson about a new Power Play called “The Offline Power Play”. Big Brother explains that Lawson will select two Housemates to join him in what they believe to be an online web chat with real Big Brother fans.

But, in a twist and unbeknown to Lawson’s chosen two, the questions they answer will come from Lawson himself, and he can ask them anything he likes.

Priya and Cat chat about how different the House feels following Gemma’s eviction. They agree the game has become more “real” 

Priya does a comedy routine for the house while Lawson and Aisha are dancing in the Fishbowl.

Katie and Lisa chat about Lawson in the kitchen. Katie wants to “take him down” and wonders how he’ll go without power.