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inside Story returns this week with new episodes

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  Reporters    Tom Steinfort and Alicia Loxley with host Leila McKinnon  image - Nine Network

Reporters Tom Steinfort and Alicia Loxley with host Leila McKinnon
image - Nine Network

Thursday, January 29 at 9pm on Nine

Inside Story, the Nine Network’s prime-time investigative series, returns this week with a new second series. 

Hosted by Leila McKinnon, each week Inside Story delves into major stories and events in Australia – and beyond.

In this series, Leila and her fellow reporters, Deborah Knight, Alicia Loxley, Tom Steinfort, Jayne Azzopardi and Brett McLeod, examine real-life crime stories that shocked and intrigued us all.

Episode 1 – Dirty Rotten Swindlers
Reporter: Leila McKinnon

Leila McKinnon investigates two of Australia’s most notorious fraudsters whose crimes are so grandiose, so brazen, they defy belief.  

First, the intriguing story of Rajina Subramaniam - the biggest con-woman this country has ever seen. The timid Sydney accountant stole more than $45 million from one of the country’s largest corporations. Then she went on a spectacular spending spree. And, all the while, she was involved in a bizarre love triangle ... right under the noses of unsuspecting workmates.

Then there’s Dimitri De Angelis, a master manipulator who shamelessly fleeced the rich ... and the famous.

De Angelis portrayed himself as a wealthy businessman ... a mover-and-shaker with ties to European blue blood dating back centuries, but in reality he was a conman who preyed on the trust, naivety and vanity of some of Australia’s wealthiest people.

We hear from Dimitri ... and the investors whose lives he ruined.