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Review: "Good people... they always die." - The Walking Dead Season 6 @Foxtel

ReviewSteve Molk

Morgan is still to reveal his intentions
Image - supplied/AMC

When last we saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carol Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus) & co there was some tension afoot with their new friends.

Rick had just metered out swift justice on a man responsible for killing Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh)'s husband - just as Morgan (Lennie James), his original saviour, arrived. Welcome to Alexandria indeed, and welcome back THE WALKING DEAD.

Season 6 kicks off with furious intensity in a split narrative - told in part through black & white flashbacks, filling us in with what's happened since Morgan's arrival; and colourized present-day action as the community attempt to pull together to face their biggest threat yet.

"These people... they haven't had to survive..." - Rick

Episode one sets up what will obviously be a pivotal story line for the cast, with tension around Rick's authority, the fact that the people of Alexandria have had it too good for too long, and when (and how) did Morgan become a zen Ninja?

It's a massive 90 minute season premiere for what will be another incredible series of The Walking Dead. It's still the best relationship drama with zombies going around.

The Walking Dead (S06 part 1 - 8 eps):
12:30pm AEST (Express) & 7:30pm AEST (Primetime repeat).