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ICE TV customers get eleventh hour reprieve @IceTV

NewsSteve Molk

IceTV forums screenshot announcing the revival

It was done. Over. Finito.

For IceTV subscribers (like me) news that the EPG service had gone belly up a week ago was sad news, made worse for those that had prepaid for the company's new SKIPPA personal video recorder with bespoke ad-skipping technology in learning they'd never receive their device.

For many that meant upwards of $449 down the drain.

News late last week on the IceTV forums then that the company had been resurrected - after the forum moderator himself had announced the company was done and he was leaving - came as  a welcome surprise.

Yes, those that haven't received their SKIPPAs would have to pursue their money through PayPal or their bank. Yes, those (like me) that had years of pre-paid IceTV EPG subscription had lost all their money.

Importantly IceTV boss Colin O'Brien had found a way to keep the EPG service running & retain enough staff to do so with a new $7.99 per month subscription model. Great news for customers (like me) who rely on the service for an up-to-date EPG and remote recording possibilities. Even more important for the "lucky" few who received their SKIPPA as it wasn't designed to work with any other EPG service (they were staring at expensive paperweights otherwise).

For now all customers are receiving the EPG service for free until the new company set up a payment gateway. All customers will be e-mailed with details before they lose access to the service to allow them to subscribe. Existing SKIPPA customers will also get a firmware update for their boxes (presumably to cope with the new billing system & to allow them to use the box with the Freeview EPG should the company falter in the future).

It's certainly not the final chapter in the very interesting story that is IceTV. Like all good cliffhangers, we'll just have to stay tuned.