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Airdate: Stephen Fry in Central America | @Foxtel @BBCKnowledgeAU

ProgrammingKevin Perry

Stephen Fry in Central America
image source - ITV

November on BBC Knowledge sees the Australian premiere of Stephen Fry in Central America, the latest travel offering from the much-loved actor, author and television presenter.

Seven years ago Stephen Fry travelled through all fifty states of the USA in a black cab. This time he boards a pimped out American school bus and embarks on an adventure into America’s backyard – through Mexico and the entire Central American isthmus to the Panamanian border with South America.

It’s a journey through some of the oldest civilisations on the planet – Mayan, Aztec, Olmec - and some of the most dangerous but breathtakingly beautiful countries that for most of us mean little more than a gap year, postcard from a beach or volcano, or a hazy idea of drug cartels, banana republics and forgotten civil wars.

Stephen wants to change that and get us to understand the people, the places, the wildlife, the history and all wrapped up in a great road trip. With a beguiling mixture of humour and embarrassment, Stephen immerses himself in a myriad of experiences to reveal the best and worst of this part of Latin America.

 Tuesdays at 9.30pm from November 17 on BBC Knowledge.

BBC Knowledge is available in Australia via Foxtel and FetchTV