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Review: House Husbands Season Finale - Monday on Nine

ReviewConnie Baker

image - supplied/Nine

So here’s where we’re at with House Husbands with only the season finale to go:

Gemma and Abi are fighting, Mark and Abi are fighting after moving to the country, Abi is pregnant, Gemma is pregnant, Alex and Kane are planning their wedding, Eve and Kane are involved in a car accident, Kane poisons Rodney with Mark’s Sneeze-Away, Justin is fighting Rodney for custody of Angie, and Lewis…well he’s just being Lewis. All caught up? Right so onto the season finale….

Now I’m not going to be the person that reveals spoilers, but I will say the finale offers everything you love about House Husbands – great storylines, fantastic acting and characters you love or hate or both.

There are the typical repercussions of the boy’s antics and the gang keeping the country hospital in Maidenvale busy for a change. Look out for the guest appearances from the always fabulous Denise Scott as nurse manager Toni, and the slightly off-kilter Farmer Todd (Shane Connor).

Worthy of special mention in this episode is young Riley Webb, who plays Zac. What a dynamic little actor he is! It’s been great watching the young stars being given more involved scenes this season and they are definitely handling it.

As Gyton Grantley said when we spoke at the beginning of season four, ‘With the kids it’s been fantastic to watch them grow, both in age and experience. They are taking on bigger issues and more lines’. Boy was he right!

While season four has moved away from the roots of the show – an inside look at what it’s like to be a stay at home dad – the extension beyond the daily trials and tribulations of the four main male stars has just made House Husbands all the more engaging. The adding of more members of the ‘family’ just opens up more possibilities for great writing and storylines that go far beyond the ‘normal’ stereotypical Aussie family. Again it deals with some pretty full-on issues in a heart-warming way – multi-generational families, surrogacy, marriage equality, balancing work and family, custody, paternity and the list goes on.

image - supplied/Nine

image - supplied/Nine

Once again Ellie Beaumont, Drew Proffit and the entire team have provided us with a funny, quintessentially Australian take on Modern Family complete with some ‘interesting’ dance moves from Kane (Gyton Grantley).

As always, while the finale may tie many issues up into a nice, neat bow it also opens up more questions for future exploration – watch out for interaction between Frankie and Justin, and Miss Looby and – whoops nearly said too much…you’ll just have to see for yourself. And don’t forget there are two babies on the way next season and you just know that’s going to cause some dramas and some laughs. Enjoy!