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Emma Parkinson: Shot in Paris - This weekend on 60 Minutes | @60mins

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Emma Parkinson
image copyright - Nine Network

This Sunday, the young Australian woman who survived the Paris terror attacks tells 60 Minutes about her ordeal.

19 year old Emma Parkinson was inside the Bataclan Theatre last Friday the 13th of November, and was shot through the hip during the attack. 

She describes the attack inside the music concert, the moment she was shot, and how she escaped. 

60 Minutes Reporter Ross Coulthart has just interviewed Emma in Paris and says,

“Emma is a remarkably brave young woman, with an amazing spirit. She has endured a terrifying situation, and come through it with a strong message for the people of France and Australia."

60 Minutes Executive Producer Tom Malone says,

“Emma wants to make it very clear she’s not profiting from telling her story. Emma wanted to tell her story once, in a personal setting, and then get on with her recovery in private. Moreover Emma will be making a donation to the International Federation of the Red Cross.”


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