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Prepare to dive into THE DEEP | @Channel7

ReviewSteve Molk

The Nekton family from The Deep
Image - A Stark Production

The sea is deep and full of secrets. More people have walked on the moon than have
been to the very bottom of the ocean - just the place the Nektons, our hero family of intrepid explorers, call home.

Will (Michael Dobson) and Kaiko (Kathleen Barr) and their children Fontaine (Ashleigh Ball) and Ant (Vincent Tong) live aboard the Arronax and seek to discover the mysteries contained below the waves. Together, they are discovering that places, artifacts and creatures that long ago vanished into myth remain hidden deep in the sea. These myths appear to be resurfacing. Secrets are rising from the depths. But why? And why now?

The Deep is a sassy, fun animated series made in a Canadian/Australian partnership that brings the graphic novel series by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer to vivid underwater life across 26 episodes that will first air on 7TWO  from December 1 and then on ABC3 in 2016. Pre-teens and tweens will enjoy the stories and characterizations that has the Nekton family often neck-deep in adventure (and for Ant, often trouble!).

The Deep (26 episodes) - weekdays from Tuesday December 1 on 7TWO; On ABC3 in 2016.