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Review: Simply Nigella - Begins Tonight on Lifestyle Food | @Foxtel @baker_con

ReviewConnie Baker
Nigella Lawson image - supplied/Lifestyle

Nigella Lawson
image - supplied/Lifestyle

Nigella Lawson, the domestic goddess, is back on our screens and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from her.

‘British culinary queen Nigella Lawson returns to LifeStyle FOOD with a scrumptious new series, Simply Nigella, to show us what and how to cook to feel more relaxed, healthy and alive.’

This is a more personal, more real Nigella – hair tied up, joggers on, but it still seems to miss the mark somewhat. She’s just a gorgeous as ever with such a love of food that you can’t help but be inspired to try something different but…

‘Filmed in Nigella’s stunning new kitchen and as colourful and inspiring as ever, the 6 x 30 minute series introduces viewers to a new, pared-down approach to cooking and eating that doesn’t involve a complicated shopping list or hours in the kitchen’

If I’m grabbing smashed avocado on toast for breakfast it’s because I’m in a rush – I don’t have time or inclination to add numerous herbs and spices. And she obviously hasn’t seen the price of Haas avocadoes lately – you either eat the whole thing in one sitting or only prep half an avo at a time.

And what’s with the ‘not instant’ polenta and all the pomegranate seeds – I wouldn’t know where to find those in my local Woolies so I think claiming an uncomplicated shopping list might not be true for everyone. But where Nigella finds calm and relaxation in the preparation and eating of food, so do many of us in watching her so it’s still a winner.

Will cooking her cauliflower and chickpea salad (with yes, more pomegranate seeds) at the end of my hectic day make me feel better and more alive? Doubtful, but her love of food, flavours, spices, inspiration for her recipes and colour choices, does make for a relaxing half an hour in front of the tellie.

This series has some great footage of London, soft focus and great backing music which makes it easy to watch and even waiting for the next amazingly descriptive word she finds to describe an ingredient adds interest. Being in Australia take some of the food purchase advice with a grain of salt; most Australians should not have to resort to frozen prawns and lamb is not necessarily cheap.

If you watch Simply Nigella, don’t turn off the program as soon as the credits begin; there’s a bit more ‘real’ Nigella to follow.

Simply Nigella begins tonight - Wednesday, December 2 at 8.30pm EDT on Lifestyle FOOD