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SBS News to present two special documentaries for Australia Day | @SBS

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The Logan Project
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In the lead up to Australia Day 2016, SBS will present two new documentaries that explore the country’s diversity and what it means to be Australian.

Stories From Home and The Logan Project are produced by the SBS News and Current Affairs team, and highlight extraordinary individuals and communities as they use art, innovation and sport to overcome adversity.

Stories From Home

Stories From Home are two back-to-back half hour documentaries examining distinct stories from multicultural Australia – the lives of boxer Billy Dib and entrepreneur Tan Le.

The son of migrants who left Lebanon to build a better future for their family in

Australia, Billy Dib’s story is one of triumph over adversity to become a sports champion, a role model for a community, and a symbol of migrant success.

Dib took up boxing at the age of 12 to overcome his asthmatic condition and as a way to defend himself against bullying at school. After turning pro in 2004, Dib won his next 12 fights and trained with the legendary Mike Tyson in the US, where he won his first world title in 2008.

The documentary follows Dib as he questions the future of his career, and reflects on his life growing up in multicultural Australia.

Tan Le fled South Vietnam for Australia in 1982 at just four years old with her mother, sister and grandmother. Le’s father never arrived.

Overcoming poverty and the transition to a new culture, Tan Le became a communications entrepreneur, innovator and visionary. She has been awarded countless prizes and accolades, from the Young Australian of the Year award to National Geographic Emerging Explorer, thanks to her pioneering work including brain computer interfaces, which enable ground-breaking early identification of bio markers for mental and other neurological conditions using electroencephalography (EEG). 

Stories From Home explores what it means to be a migrant or a refugee in Australia and how that has impacted our identity as Australians.

The Logan Project

The community of Logan, Queensland has had it tough, with an unemployment rate twice the national average, and racial tensions that have at times come to the boil. But the melting-pot of over 200 ethnic groups is determined to turn things around.

Drawing from the community’s immense pool of diverse talent, Queensland Music Festival (QMF), in partnership with Logan City Council, set the ambitious task of staging a live musical named ‘Under This Sky’, created by the community, for the community – in front of a crowd of thousands.

This inspiring documentary follows locals as they work through the drama, pitfalls and excitement of putting on the gig of their lives, led by jazz legend and 2015 QMF Artistic Director James Morrison and Creative Director Sean Mee.

It delves into the individuals’ sometimes heartbreaking stories to reveal resilience, determination and the power of a shared goal in bringing diverse people together.

The Logan Project is a moving original documentary charting the journey of Logan’s aspiring singers and musicians to create a new, positive narrative for their city.

SBS Director of News and Current Affairs Jim Carroll says, “The News and Affairs team is taking our commitment to exploring the challenges and successes of multicultural Australia to new levels with our first foray into feature news documentaries. We hope that Stories From Home and The Logan Project resonate with Australians of all backgrounds.”

Stories From Home premieres 16 January 2016

The Logan Project premieres 26 January 2016